Confidence is a must for parents to work on with their children. It affects how they see themselves, thus affecting the opportunities that they go for and their ability to deal with social situations. A senior school in Chelsea shares some guidance on how you can approach this below.


Speak Nicely to Your Child

Just like plants, children must be nurtured. The words that they hear growing up can contribute to their internal beliefs and how they see themselves. If this is negative, they will more than likely view themselves in a negative light and suffer from insecurities, hindering their confidence and stopping them from reaching their full potential.

Demonstrate Confidence

Children try to emulate those that they look up to, e.g., their parents. If you as their mother or father chase opportunities and outwardly display your confidence, they will too. Similarly, negative self-talk can be picked up and lead to confidence issues which is why you should be mindful of how you come across around them.


Encourage Them to Explore Their Talents 

We all have strengths and weaknesses. Exploring them, or just even working at a hobby, can help children with their confidence. It gives us a massive confidence boost when we know that we’re good at something or can see improvement within ourselves. This is why you should encourage your child to pick up an extracurricular activity. They can dip their toe into different activities, trying and testing them until they find their calling.


Let Them Make Mistakes

Mistakes are made on the journey to growth. For their confidence, when your children make mistakes it’s important to not dwell on them. This can make them fearful of failure and not want to put themselves forward and take risks. Instead, create a safe space where they can freely make them and learn.


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