Some people travel because of the spectacular landscapes they want to tick off their bucket lists. Others travel to the destinations they saw in some of their favorite movies or TV shows, such as the people who opt for an Outlander tour in Scotland. There are certainly those people who travel only because of the exotic and indulgent white sandy beaches that a certain place offers. Yet there are those people who travel to a specific location solely because of the local cuisine, and truth be told, this might be the most authentic trip that one can make. Gourmands worldwide spend a lot of their time exploring different cuisines in their hometowns and online, and plenty of them plan their next trip based on its cuisine. If you’re one of those people, or perhaps you want to be and are looking for the next travel destination based on the specialties that you can eat there, look no more, but choose one of these five options:


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The idea of pursuing your passion over a dull corporate job has pervaded career conversations for many years now. You read or hear about successful stories online about people who transformed their interests or hobbies into a profitable venture and you can’t help but think: what if that could be you one day?

Having no boss to tell you what to do and charting your own path to success – it all seems ideal.

First of all, in starting any serious business endeavor, passion is indispensable. It’s the main fuel that will drive you toward your goal, whether it’s founding a tech start-up or an online market.

Without passion, there’s no interest or joy in doing the necessary tasks that need to be done. And if you can’t even get started on putting in the work, day in and day out, then your business idea is out the window.