Do you often find yourself triggered even over the smallest things? Are you getting in trouble due to your hot temper? Is your relationship with others being affected due to your constant anger and mood swings? Then you, my friend, need to stop thinking about "I" and start controlling your anger.

Anger is indeed a natural, healthy emotion. But uncontrolled fuming and excessive anger issues can take a toll not only on your health but your relationship with others as well. It can even cause physical altercations, aggression, and other problematic situations. To regain control and keep your calm, here are simple yet effective strategies that you can try:


Getting the best services is one factor that makes customers want to go back. Aside from the dentist's treatment of patients and solutions to problems, another aspect that patients take into consideration when choosing a dentist is how the clinic looks.

The physical and aesthetic look of the orthodontic dental lab is a significant factor for patients to feel satisfied with the services offered. That means that patient satisfaction involves many factors, not just how you treat the patient.


SM is of the biggest shopping mall chains in the Philippines that started in the 1980s which was founded by Henry Sy Sr. It started from a Shoemart with a full-line department store then shifting its name from Shoemart to SM. From then on, they already have 74 malls across the country and more are scheduled to be open soon.  SM never fails to excite us with their fun-filled activities and events all year round. They offer anything and everything you could need:
S-umptious meals
M-agical events
S-ecured parking
U-nique goods
P-ampered Mind
E-xciting prizes
R-elaxing ambiance
M-arvelous celebration
A-mazing movies
L-arge entertainment centers
L- uxurious shopping experience
S- atisfactory services
These days, many people prefer to do online shopping over the conventional method of going into physical stores. It has become a popular method of shopping because of the easy access to the internet via desktop and mobile. More and more people tend to shop online that's why it is one of the booming businesses today and they are highly competitive due to the many advantages of shopping online.

The SM Store has been started seeing the demand for online shopping so they created an online shopping platform called ShopSM. And now, shopping at your favorite SM malls is never been easy, because you don’t need to travel and face the crowd. They offer the right essentials for your needs anytime, anywhere. These include bags, shoes, men’s wear to women’s wear, baby and kid’s essentials, toys, cosmetics and beauty products, appliances and kitchen essentials.