Taiwan is a great location for a family holiday. First of all, it is relatively underrated, and it is not overflowing with tourists at any given time, which tends to be a problem when visiting places in Europe, for example. Taiwan is a culture that holds family in high regard, especially children, and offers a lot of places for them, such as parks, playrooms, etc., especially in Taipei.


Over the years there has been lots of discussion around the subject of how diet can affect your child’s education.  A leading, international independent school based in Alicante understands and promotes the importance of the right diet for your child to help support your child’s performance in school.

While the intake of food is vital for proper performance, many of the widely available and popular snacks and foods are actually hindering children’s abilities to learn. Foods that are loaded with sugars, caffeine, chemicals, and sodium are leaving children tired and unfocused.  As well as affecting your child’s learning it also has a significant impact on their behaviour and mood.

Slipping grades are not always an accurate indication of how hard your child is trying, how much they are learning, or what their potential for success later on in life is. With this in mind, we should not overreact but what should we be doing as parents?

A highly successful, international, independent school in Marbella suggests the following advice on what to consider and how you can support your child…