Exams are a big challenge for kids, no matter what their age. Fortunately, there are plenty of things that parents and carers can do to help. If your children know they have your full support, they will likely perform better in their tests. I have teamed up with St Catherine’s School, a prep school in Middlesex, to offer parents some advice around helping children manage the pressure of their exams so that they can perform well on the day.

Firstly, it’s vital to make sure your child is getting plenty of sleep. Rest helps us feel relaxed and revitalised, which is important for children who need to be alert and attentive. If your child is tired, they won’t be able to concentrate during lessons or revision sessions and they’ll be distracted on the day of the test. Regular exercise and a healthy diet are also important in ensuring your child is in good health for their exams.


Who doesn't desire soft, kissable lips, right?

The environment both outdoors and indoors can do a number on your lips leaving them dry, chapped and even blistered during the seasons. From snowstorms to 90 degree days to biting winds and heated or airconditioned homes, our lips are delicate and easily irritated because they lack oil and sweat glands to keep them supple. In other words, everyone's lips need protection and moisture.

That is why an exceptional lip balm like EOS should play a key role in your beauty routine. It's time to pamper and prep for spring, and get your pretty pucker in perfect condition.

Exfoliation is a wonderful treatment before applying your favorite EOS lip balm. You can purchase a soft toothbrush for this purpose to remove old, dead skin cells, get the circulation revving and add a subtle plumping to the lips.

Apply a little petroleum jelly to the toothbrush, and brush your lips in a circular motion. You could also make a honey/sugar scrub; dip your toothbrush into it, and scrub your lips for a minute. These simple beauty treatments will leave your lips prepped and smooth and ready for an EOS lip swipe.

Everyone wants to feel good, and one step to feeling good is by improving appearances. Improving appearances can be achieved by wearing the right clothes and standing out. As such, people tend to go for expensive brands associated with uniqueness and class. Big budgets characterize executive shops and malls. Sometimes, it’s only favorable to those with deep pockets. One of the best ways to look unique, save on expenses, save the environment, and satisfy your shopping craving is by shopping consignment.

The Real Real consignment shop offers clients the opportunity to shop for wearables from executive brands at a lower cost. The clothes, shoes, and socks among other items provided by The Real Real may no longer serve the initial buyer but still have a long life use. As such, we can stand out by wearing executive brand items without breaking our banks by shopping at consignment stores. Buying at consignment stores comes with several advantages some of which include;