I love researching the history of different cultures and countries! One that has particularly spiked my interest lately is China. For example, the major stages (Primitive Society, Slave Society, Feudal Society, Semi-feudal and Semi-colonial Society, and Socialist Society) are so interesting to me! The earliest Chinese history that is on file is in prehistoric times - about 1.7 million years ago, or the 21st century BC. Such old history!!

The earliest history is, of course, told through tails that have been formed over time. Some of that history known was Chinese settlers building farms and towns along the major rivers, Chinese learning how to make bronze, and the Xia Dynasty becoming the first dynasty in China. All of this history is amazing, but for me, some of my favorite histories come from the small things. Things that I can put in my home and tell a story about things like swords, tea, porcelain, and more.

Why put historical items in your home, you ask? Like I mentioned above, I love having things in my home that tell a story. From essential family items to historical items or travel purchased, my guests can hear a story and know the full meaning of every decoration (or useful) item in my home, and that is a lot of fun for me! I know, by now, you are probably wondering what some of the items are that I have in my home or would love to incorporate into my house. Here’s a list of Chinese items I have in my home (or would like to add to my home):


Queen Of Unicorns and Lime Crime founder Doe Deere is feeling very pretty in pink right now. The rainbow-hued makeup maven has had major success with her first cosmetics brand. Deere sees her success as a bit of a Cinderella story, and she wants other aspiring entrepreneurs to know that it can happen for them, too.

Doe Deere was born and raised in Russia, moving to New York City when she was 17. So she spent her formative years crossing quite a cultural line. Today she is living and working in Los Angeles. When asked what kind of child she was, she said that she was ambitious and imaginative, but maybe she didn't dream big enough. She said her biggest dream as a child was to make it as a musician, which was still her goal when she moved to New York.

Hustling to make it as a musician taught Deere important business skills like branding and marketing. It also gave her a deeper appreciation for the people that were supporting her. She said the transition to makeup was easy. She had already made some money selling temporary tattoos as a teenager in Russia.



Your health and the health of your loved ones is important. Not seeking medical treatment because it’s too expensive should never be an option. Instead, you may simply just need to adopt a few sneaky cost-cutting tricks. Here are just a few of those measures that they may help to make medical care more affordable for you and your family.