When it comes to taking care of your oily skin, it’s not enough that you just wash and cleanse it. Your skin type needs extra care and for that reason, you need to use the right products to ensure that your skin stays free from blemishes.

Most of the time, oily skin doesn’t just come with the annoying breakthrough shine and greasy feeling. It also goes with acne, blackheads and thick layers of dead skin cells.

If you don’t address the issue right away, there’s a good chance you’ll be left with acne spots, blemishes, and dull-looking skin.

But, how do you exactly take care of oily skin?

There are a lot of things you can do to get rid of oily skin. Changing your diet is one good way to start.

Eating foods that contain high amounts of sugar can trigger your skin to produce more oil. The same is true with dairy foods and those made up of refined carbohydrates.

Keeping those foods off of your diet can help keep your oil production under control.

Another thing you can do is to change your skincare routine. Now, if you are wondering if your existing beauty regimen is making your skin oilier, you can use the infographic below as a guide.


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Our home needs cleaning as well as designing. Just like how we take care of our physical appearance, we are also concern on how people may see the inside of our house. Adorning your home can sometimes be overwhelming because there are too many things to consider. Lighting, walls, flooring, and decorations around the house are the basics you need to take care properly to make a beautiful interior design.

Curtains take part in emphasizing the interior design of a house. It is one of the essential fixtures at home because it gives privacy and security, keeps away direct sunlight, enhances the look and ambiance of a room. But it's not easy to pick the right curtains that will compliment with the other elements inside your home.

Jil Gyung Yi

Every day we women take a bath, put makeup on and wear our clothes. This daily routine comes with managing our body hygiene. We not only care for the smell of our breath or our body but also "down there." Yes, feminine hygiene is essential for us women. Foul odor in your vaginal area can make you feel embarrassed. Good feminine hygiene helps prevent bacterial infections, irritations, and discomfort. 

How do we maintain feminine hygiene? Are soap and water enough?