If you’re looking to lose a few pounds, no doubt you’ll be thinking of overhauling your lifestyle. This usually entails changing your diet and implementing an exercise regime. There are some things that you should do before trying to lose weight which will help you on your journey. The last thing anybody wants is to have to stop and start with their new routine, so prepare first!

Clear out the Cupboards
This is a big one. If you’re serious about sticking to a healthy lifestyle you need to get rid of any remnants of your old one. You may be full of motivation now, but three weeks in if there’s temptation in your cupboards you could break. Avoid this situation completely by only stocking your cupboards full of things you can eat. Swap any crisps and chocolate for healthy nuts. Similarly, try and eat more fresh food and cook from scratch. If you set your cupboards up properly before starting to try to lose weight, you're more likely to succeed.
For a comfortable home that encourages the family to spend time together relaxing and having fun, you need to have a good living room, which works for everyone and allows you all to function practically when you’re home.

You don’t have to be the best interior decorator in the world to create a great family living room; you just need to take into account everyone’s needs and take a look at some of the great ideas below.


While we may think of the bathroom as being a functional space that doesn't mean it has to be boring! Bright colors, cool designs, and outrageous accessories are much more likely to lure kids to brush their teeth, wash their hands and take a bath more than a plain, minimalist room would. Don't forget kids love to be able to feel and touch the stuff so try to include as much tactile furniture, interactive storage areas, and fun extras as you can.

Flickr By: Tina Saey