"You get educated by traveling"--Solange Knowles

Do you agree with the above quote? Are you a traveler? Perhaps you have a wanderlust? Have you already go anywhere this year? How about this summer? Have you been somewhere in or out of the country yet? 

For travel enthusiast, traveling is a great way to explore and accept new things. It has been one of my dream to travel to different parts of the country and even visiting countries outside the Philippines like Singapore, Hongkong, Dubai, and Canada. But now that I am already a mom, I have thought that it would be expensive to travel. Good thing I have discovered Shopback. It's an online platform affiliated with over 300 merchants worldwide. Yes, you are reading this right. Shopback will give you cash back in all the online stores that cover Beauty, Fashion, Electronics, Lifestyle, Travel and much more. So you could imagine how much you could save whenever you shop at the convenience of your home.  

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How to use ShopBack?
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*cashback will be "Redeemable" once your order is validated by the merchant who will take 30-60 days to ensure that there will be no order cancellation/return/exchange.

It may sound too good to be true but yes you are reading it right! You can save money on discounted items plus another saving from your Cashbacks. Isn't it awesome? So before you start booking hotels or flight for your next travel adventure, be sure to check out the best travel deals from Shopback. 

Looking for hotel bargain? Look no more! Shopback gives you the exclusive access to promo codes and coupon codes for the hottest hotel deals. You can book fast and secure hotel deals with Agoda and TravelBook. Get up to Php400 Cashback from Agoda while TravelBook offers 4.0% cashback, both have best and lowest rates GUARANTEED! 

We’ve all run into a point in your lives where a little extra cash would be useful. I’m not talking about an object need to get a tremendous amount of money. It’s not all that often that most people find themselves with the need for tens of thousands of dollars, after all! I’m not talking about the amounts that would probably be better satisfied by big loans.

The kind of prices I’m talking about here are the ones that creep up on all of us every now and again. When we’re looking for a treat, we want to buy, or we’re feeling a little surprised by the size of our bills. Sure, we all start to think to ourselves that it would be nice to have a million dollars. That would solve all our worries, right? But when we start to think realistically, we believe in smaller amounts. We start to think about the cash we could have saved here and there. We look around and wonder what we can do to earn just a few more dollars a month. So, again, not a lot. Just something to help us feel a little more comfortable.

Quitting smoking can be tough, but not if you know what to do to make it easier. There are so many methods and techniques that work for different people. What works for one person may not necessarily work for you. Here are some tips and tricks that should make the process much simpler for you:

Find Compelling Reasons To Stop
If you want to quit smoking and quit it for good, you need to find compelling reasons to stop. After all, why else would you stay away from one when you’re craving one? If your reasons aren’t convincing enough, you’re not going to stick to it. Maybe you want to live longer. See your grandchildren grow up. Improve your health. Set good examples for your kids. Save money. Have as many of these reasons as possible. Maybe even write a list that you can look at when you’re feeling like giving up.

Get A Quitting Aid
Quitting aids are very popular, but different aids work for different people. It all depends on what you get on with as an individual. E-cigarettes and flavoured e-liquid are a very popular choice for people these days. If you plan on trying something like that, you just need to make sure you’ve purchased from a reputable supplier. You can also use patches, gum, and other quitting aids to help you kick the habit. E-cigs seem to be the most popular as they simulate smoking, which can help the quitter to feel like they are smoking.