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My father sent a "balikbayan box" last month and it just arrived last week. He asked me to get our "part" from the goodies he sent from our home in Baler. He's currently working as an Overseas Filipino Worker in Dubai. He sent 1 big pack of Nido Milk (2500grams + 250grams FREE), Sunmaid Raisins, Honey, Pringles, M&M chocolates, Kitkat wafer chocolate, Galaxy chocolates, Nutella spread, Liption Earl Grey Tea (as I requested), Date, Liption Original Flavor tea and other things. He's very thoughtful and generous in sending things to us especially to my daughter and my little sister Cynthia. Thanks Tay! 

Right now there's a big issue regarding the Balikbayan boxes because of the random physical inspections being implemented by the Bureau of Customs. OFWs took their rage to social media about the BOC's inspection and implementing tax to the balikbayan boxes. For Filipinos, especially the OFWs, "balikbayan boxes" symbolize the hardwork and sacrifices of the OFW for their families. Its already part of the tradition to send goodies to their families, wrapping each item with care and love.

After the controversy migrant group declared August 28 as "Zero Remittance Day" and encourage the OFWs to participate as a protest to stop the random inspections and implementing tax to the balikbayan boxes. 

*According to the Bureau of Customs, a box contents must not exceed 500$ in value and banned/prohibited items like firearms, explosives, prohibited drugs, ammunition, pornographic or  gambling materials should not be included in your packages. 

Honey is produced by bumblebees by converting the nectar by a process of regurgitation and evaporation which is stored in the beehive.

Honey is used in foods and beverages as a sweetener and flavoring but it could also be used in medical tradition to treat ailments.

Whenever my father send his "balikbayan box", he never fails to send a jar of honey to us all the way from Dubai. He always reminds us to feed at least a teaspoon of honey to the kids (my daughter and my little sister) because of Honey being known to have health benefits.

Here are some of the health benefits from honey:

*Honey + Warm water could improve scalp from dandruff and itching

*Honey + Vinegar use for self detox and ailment of arthritis

*Honey + Lemon use in weight loss diet and treatment of cough

*Honey + Cinnamon use for ailments of hair loss and bad breath

*Honey + Milk/Yogurts could promote good health,improve digestion and bowel movement and induce sleep

**Honey could also be used in treatment of cuts, burns and minor wounds,boost energy, reduce allergy symptoms, good antioxidant, good for relief of hangovers, sore throats and alot more. So make sure to have stock of honey at home.

WARNING: Honey or any processed food containing honey should not be given to children below 1 year. Baby's digestive system is not yet acidic enough to inhibit toxin from the bacterial botulinum spores that some honey contains.The bacteria usually thrive in soil in dust that could contaminate honey.

When kids get older, the digestive tract is able to handle the botulinum spores and prevent them from growing.