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Pastoral care is an important support system used by schools to safeguard the physical and emotional welfare of each child. Pastoral care also ensures the success and personal development of all students should encourage pupils to respect their teachers and classmates.

Responsibility for pastoral care is usually shared between the school staff; however an effective pastoral care system will filter into every aspect of school life.

For a better understanding of why pastoral care is so important in schools, an independent boarding school in Lincoln, have highlighted more of the benefits below…



Even as the vaccine rollout continues, the authorities remain concerned about the UK variant of Covid-19 that is gradually becoming the predominant strain in the country. Due to this, people need to build up their immune systems to remain healthy in the middle of the pandemic.


Aside from exercising and getting enough sleep, people should also have a balanced diet to get the nutrients they need to maintain their health and wellness. Eating fruits and vegetables allows the body to absorb nutrients better.


Here are some food items that people can include in their diet to receive the vitamins and nutrients they need.



Mesothelioma patients are very vulnerable and not just for health reasons. It is therefore of the utmost importance to find a serious and ethical mesothelioma law firm. Mesothelioma patients have the right to demand financial compensation from companies responsible for their possible exposure to asbestos. In the event that the patient has died, their relatives could file a mesothelioma lawsuit within a certain period of time as the law allows. There are various reasons to file a lawsuit.

As the patient, you have the right to:

  • Explore the possibilities of being compensated
  • You have the right to establish a direct relationship with the law firm of your choice



Filipino women are highly family-oriented. They think more about their loved ones and always prioritize them instead of themselves. When they get married and have children, they always think about what is best for their family and are wont to making sacrifices just so the family will remain intact and enjoy a good life.


When Filipino women become mothers, they often put their children on top of their priority list. They do not mind all the hardships of raising children as long as they know that their children are happy. Even during their most vulnerable moments, Filipina moms remain strong and resilient. They base their strengths on family and their offspring.


Below are some facts about Filipina moms and the traits that make them strong women worthy of admiration.



The pandemic affected everybody from all walks of life. It turned everybody's lives upside down. But the health crisis has a more pronounced effect on women, particularly working mothers who shoulder most of the responsibilities at home.

While working fathers were also affected by the closure of schools and daycare centers, the mothers took on taking care of the kids. Some even reduced their working hours or quit their jobs completely.


Aside from this, more women lost their jobs due to the pandemic than men. Women accounted for 55 percent of job losses since the health crisis started. In December 2020, the economy lost a net of 140,000 jobs, and all of these jobs were for women. This shows the disproportionate impact of the pandemic on women.


Despite these discouraging figures, women continued to take care of the children, the elderly, and their chores. They use an average of around 20 hours more per week to these activities than men, which is similar to working a part-time job.


The situation may also overburden women throughout the pandemic and may affect their self-esteem. But there are ways for women to build their confidence in the middle of the pandemic. Here are some things they can do.



Self-esteem is a critical ingredient that defines a person's character and influences the things he or she can and can't do particularly when there people watching. Without it, it would be next to impossible to survive in a world that has become increasingly interactive.

Some individuals have high self-esteem, which explains why they can carry themselves well in front of others; others, meanwhile, have low regard for themselves, which is why they tend to be shy and unwilling to take risks when there's the slightest chance of them being judged if they fail.

Accordingly, among the ill effects of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis was the rise in substance abuse and mental health problems among the affected population. For example, data showed that 4 out of every 10 US adults experienced depression and anxiety because of the pandemic's effects. Some of the known mental health-related impacts of the pandemic include appetite loss, sleeping disorder, and substance or alcohol abuse.

Now, if anyone in your family has started showing signs of low self-esteem, you need to act quickly to address the situation. By doing so, you can avoid the more serious effects of the crisis such as the ones mentioned.

Here are four ways to maintain high morale and solid self-esteem within your family amid the raging pandemic:



What one eats impacts significantly on the quality of the life they lead. In today’s diet-conscious world, smoothies have become a superior addition to most people’s food timetables. A smoothie denotes a creamy, thick, and cold drink comprised of vegetables, raw fruit, and sometimes dairy products, which is created using a blender. Apart from presenting consumers with numerous health benefits, smoothies are also incredibly easy to make. For those who aren’t convinced yet, here are the top five benefits of consuming smoothies.


As we enter the tenth month of the COVID pandemic, family dining has taken quite a hit. Customers who would normally linger over a brew and a burger may find it less relaxing being indoors with others who are potentially infected. Staff members may be running with a thinner crew than usual, which means wait times might be longer.

However, there are ways you can help your favorite restaurants (us included!) in order to keep our community healthy. Here are five tips for healthy dining out in the time of COVID.



If you're wondering when it'll be safe to date again - and how to do it without increasing your risk for COVID-19 - you're not alone. Via social media posts and actual conversations with friends and loved ones, common queries concerning dating during the pandemic are:

  • "Do we need to get tested before the masks come off?"
  • "Will I ever be able to impress my date with my cooking skills or do we need to keep all dates outdoors?
  • "Is it possible to still meet people in bars or should I just trust online dating or ask professional matchmakersto search for me?"

Like the other aspects of life in the middle of a pandemic, safety is a concern when it comes to dating. If only dating apps can also assess potential partners by their efforts to keep safe during COVID-19. Until that happens, it's important to practice safe dating yourself first.

So what's the first step to take? Just like the dating days before COVID-19, open and honest communication matters.



Despite your best efforts, you will encounter a few days when you do not feel yourself in front of the public. Your fashion style might be missing something. Your hair might not be in good shape and condition. The weather might be hot enough for you to regret wearing shirts or dresses that expose your sweat. You will have bad days, but you might suffer from unfortunate timing.

A meeting with an important client or seeing someone from your past could ruin your confidence and expose you to unwanted criticism, so you will have to take grooming habits seriously. It will be challenging to stay classy when you present yourself to the public, but adding these activities to your daily routine will help your quest:



No romantic relationship is always a bed of roses. People have different opinions, priorities, and beliefs, which is why experiencing negative emotions is unavoidable. However, there are many ways to manage those negative emotions with success. Here are four useful tips on how to do it, so check them out and improve your relationship with your partner!



Juggling with obligations at work and home can take a toll on your mind and body. This especially happens for working mums. Most of them find it difficult to have a healthy balance between work and play. In fact, most mothers, especially those who have full-time jobs, struggle to have time to relax, have fun or enjoy their me-time. If you can relate to this, you probably often feel tired and exhausted. However, like everyone else, you may believe that seeing your family, especially your kids, happy will always be enough to relieve your stress and exhaustion. Indeed, this can be true at times; however, there are moments when you also need to perform activities that will help you deal with the challenges of becoming a working parent.

You need to remind yourself that you need to prioritize your health above all else. Remember, you can't expect yourself to give your 100% effort in performing your tasks as a mum and as a career woman if you don't have enough energy for it. Thus, you need to ensure that you find time to practice self-care habits. This means, even if you are too busy with all your responsibilities, you also have an obligation to sustain your personal needs. This includes ensuring that your physical, mental, and emotional health remains strong and excellent.

Choosing a vacation destination that will keep younglings, teens and adults entertained can be a hard task, but the U.S. is home to many of such family-friendly cities. The following spots have everything a family might want from theme parks to museums and natural beauties. From all 50 states, here are the top five cities that stand out as the ultimate family vacation spots.



Almost everywhere one looks, COVID-19's ill effects can be seen and felt. From March 2020 when the World Health Organization (WHO) officially declared the COVID-19 crisis as a global pandemic, and up until today, millions of people in the US and other countries are still struggling to make ends meet as businesses close down and jobs become scarce.


It's no small wonder why a lot of Americans got scared about the thought of getting their social security disability insurance claims (SSDI) affected by the ongoing pandemic. Fortunately, COVID-19 doesn't have any negative impact on SSDI and other types of benefits under Title II.

Aside from the financial relief provided by such insurance policies, you could do other things to survive the current crisis, particularly in an economic way. If you're you're a bit clueless about how best to tide over this pandemic, here are some budget-wise tips you must consider:


Chasing after our dreams is something that we do regularly. Whether it be going to school, going to work, handling a business, and the like. Every day always serves as a stepping stone. In some cases, one might need a longer amount of time before reaching said goal. However, this usually depends on what we want to achieve and the circumstances that come along with it.


There is no doubt that 2020 has been one of the most trying years in modern history and for numerous reasons. For people struggling with eating disorders or those who have dealt with them in the past, 2020 was especially difficult, which - unfortunately - is not surprising.

Psychological and emotional issues are still on the rise, as confirmed by multiple studies. A study from JAMA Network Open reported that depression cases among adults in the US is more than 3-fold higher compared to cases pre-COVID-19. And many mental health concerns, such as anxiety, can take their toll on people struggling with eating disorders. In some cases, it may even result in a relapse.

Eating disorders during the pandemic is a tricky yet serious discussion.

Here's what you need to know about the issues, potential treatments for eating disorders and other cities and how you can manage or help your loved ones.



Working from home isn't new for most people. Whether you're living in Utah, Brazil, Spain, or anywhere else around the world. Of course, with its many advantages, one would choose this over the traditional work set-up. From the money, you save on transportation and food, as well as the time you spend getting ready every day.


However, the transition period may not be that easy for some. The work environment, for one, is a contributing factor to an individual's performance. When you're at home, it may be hard to look for a spot where you can be most productive. There would also be times when other external noises affect your train of thought.


Another thing lacking is the presence of your co-workers. Of course, working all day takes a toll on all of us. However, knowing that you have people around that go through the same thing as you do makes it more bearable. Having someone to talk to during breaks or ask advice from. These can all contribute to your mental well-being.


Apart from that, creating a schedule is also one way of adjusting to this new set-up. This allows you to balance your priorities and meet your deadlines.


Not only that, but you should also make sure that you have time for other important stuff outside of work. There are certain days when you'd need to go out and run some errands. Of course, keeping your place clean and organized is a must as well.


This is where a work-life balance comes into play.



Traveling is one of the best time activities, yet it can transform into a horrible experience if you don't do it right. For an experience of a lifetime, a bit of research can go a long way. It is important to get your homework done before traveling to a new place, amid a culture you've never experienced, and individuals you've never met! You can also get in touch with an immigration attorney. Mentioned below are some tips you should follow before traveling that can make your experience more fun and tension free.



For many people, purchasing a car is second only to buying a home in terms of big investments that you might make in your lifetime. A vehicle serves many purposes, whether it’s used for family, for work, or for leisure.

Many US cities are designed and built around a car-based lifestyle, so if you live in areas where that’s the case, it’s even more important to consider how much time you might save by owning your own vehicle versus using public transportation or ride-sharing services. Higher density areas might require less use of a vehicle, but it’s always useful for emergencies and unforeseen circumstances when you need to get somewhere quickly.

Once you’ve decided to take steps toward choosing and buying a car, it’s important to ensure you’ve found a make or model that truly meets your needs, especially before you begin to consider how you will pay for it. Do you want higher gas mileage? More trunk space or a truck bed for hauling large items? What about safety features?

Once you’ve figured all of that out, the payment is the next step to begin thinking about.


The hot travel trend of 2021 is to go further into nature, enjoying more road trips and cut-off to connect. Asia has so many such destinations to offer. 

From the amazing wildlife of Palawan to the incredible trek in Bhutan, from exotic hill tribe walk-in Ha Giang, Vietnam to the less-known Mergui Archipelago, these 10 Asia destinations have something to inspire your next travel