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Droopy fat deposits around the eyes tend to become more apparent with age. While they cannot be entirely prevented, there are certain steps you can take to minimize their appearance. One is with a well-balanced skincare regimen. Genucel products are rich in eyeseryl, a skin loving tetrapeptide which has been clinically proven to reduce puffiness and tighten the skin. Learn more about this unique ingredient and how it can help you noticeably improve the appearance of puffy bags under the eyes below.

Most of the time, growing hair can be extremely frustrating especially to women. Too much styling and chemicals that are being used to change the color of the hair can cause damages that sometimes, prevents a woman from getting fabulous hair. These are some of the reasons why women prefer using hair extensions.

The use of hair extensions was once limited to celebrities attending red carpet events. In recent years, the use of hair extensions among the female population is growing more popular than ever. With the great demand for hair extensions came innovations that resulted in the creation of tape in hair extensions.

You see so many great hairstyles worn by your favorite celebrities and models or even by your friends and family, and you wish you could have the beautiful hair that they all seem to have. What you may not realize is that many of the styles you see worn by the rich and famous today are that way because of the extensions they have purchased and have had worked into their natural hair. You can get the same great look for yourself. All you need to do is invest in just the right type of extensions for your hair. There are some steps you want to take so you can be sure to buy the best human virgin hair you can get.


Gold has been considered the ultimate symbol of beauty and elegance for a long time. In India, it has mainly been considered an investment for a long time. Such a mentality is changing nowadays and people have started buying gold for aesthetic purposes too. Nonetheless, it is getting expensive day by day. But the craze for gold jewellery is not going anywhere either. Gold lockets are so in these days. You can find the best gold pendant designs with price online. If solid gold pendants are not your love’s go-to jewellery, gift them a chain that looks subtle and still remind them of you. You can also find such pretty gold chain models for ladies online.

Solid gold is of high quality and is expensive. Its value comes from purity, radiance, and shine. But purity comes along with malleability and ductility which makes it not fit for everyday wear. Pure gold is often mixed with other metals like copper, silver, and zinc to make it more durable. There are also inexpensive options which look authentic enough to be considered gold and also don't burn your pockets. They are gold-filled and gold-plated jewellery. Many people don't understand that there is even a difference between the two.


As the temperatures outside begin to drop, the dry weather inside and the cold winds outside can wreak havoc on your skin. You may find that your skin is more dry and irritated than usual and it might even be red and more prone to breaking out. Unfortunately, this is most common in those who already have skin problems, which can make their issues even worse when the seasons begin to change. In order for you to take control of your skin and get it back to looking its best, it is important that you utilize the right products and get into the perfect skincare routine fit for your own individual needs.


Your skin is a complex organ, and one that comes under constant assault from environmental factors including the sun, changing temperatures and chemicals. Over time, your skin will eventually start showing signs of wear and tear. Fortunately, there are ways that you can keep your skin looking healthy. You probably already know that eating right, getting plenty of sleep and drinking enough water is very important to your skin and overall health. However, sometimes, these healthy habits may not be enough. 

Here are three ways to give your skin an extra boost with Timeless Skin Care facial serums:


Contrary to popular belief, prepping your skin for fall doesn’t have to be as tricky as you probably thought. However, there are a lot of tips and tricks you should stick to in order to accomplish that, so keep on reading to find out about the five most effective ones. Check them out and give your skin what it needs this fall! 

Exfoliate, but don’t go overboard with it

Did you know that a gentle facial scrub removes a layer of dead skin cells, uncovers the layer of rejuvenated skin, and therefore improves your overall appearance? This is exactly why you should use a scrub at least twice a week if you want your skin to look and feel healthy, smooth, and luminous. Just don’t overdo it, as a large number of scrubs actually contain retinoids and glycolic acid which may cause redness and irritation when you use them too often. However, if you don’t want to spend your money on expensive facial scrubs, you can always make them on your own. There are a lot of homemade scrub recipes you should take into consideration, as these will do the trick without breaking the bank!


Even when it is a simple and plain white dress, ball gown dresses can play a significant part in reflecting the class and sweetness you possess. Be it the big day or you are looking for one for the prom party, ball gowns can effortlessly amplify your beauty and attractiveness.

When it comes to choosing an outfit for the prom, you want to pick a dress that can make you look so beautiful that no one can resist admiring your beauty and your choice.

Maybe you have something else in mind but the moment you see one of the dreamlike ball gowns for prom, you are not going to explore other options. Your search for the best outfit for prom is most likely to be over.

You already know that you have made a better choice. In case you want to know why only ball gowns for prom then we’ve got some good reasons covered for you.


Luxury skin care brands are becoming more and more popular as a result of dedicated fanbases who stay true to the brands that they like. When it comes to skincare, Sunday Riley has stood at one of the top luxury skincare brands, offering a wide range of products to tackle a broad spectrum of skin concerns. Because of the limited quantity that this brand tends to produce, it has managed to engage a massive amount of people who eagerly wait to get their hands on the next product. The Sunday Riley ‘waitlist’ is something that is incredibly sought after, with people eagerly trying to get their names in there. This, coupled with the incredible quality that the brand has to offer, Sunday Riley has emerged as one of the most notable brands to be sold at Sephora’s across the country.


As we have entered in the 21st century, it has given a U-turn to almost every sector so does the fashion industry. The platform was limited to the few designers but now multiple designers have been showing up with their creativity. The digital media equally helping them to portray their designs to the mass market so that they avail benefits from the latest trend and fashion.
Stylish Round Neck Sleeveless Hollow Out Solid Color Lace Women's Dress

As we all know, the fashion industry has been growing day by day. People have become status and brand conscious, they want to adopt a lifestyle which is completely unique from others. People are more towards following new fashion and trends which is going on in the market and wanted to be the one who adopts it first. ZAFUL is an ideal place for all such people. It is an online hub for trendy, fashionable and elegant outfits. Be it a summer, autumn, winter or spring you shall get stuff for each season under one banner. The aim of ZAFUL is to provide quality products to potential customers at affordable prices.


There’s a saying that the first impression lasts, and we all are aware of this phrase since ages and it is proved to be true in all aspects of life. Physical appearance is God’s gift and we cannot alter it overnight if we do not like some of our features. The only thing in our hand is to use a trendy and classy accessory which enhances our appearance and it also gives a positive impact on our personality.

Every woman is beautiful in her own way as we all are blessed with different features. A few things which are common and make women look even more attractive is the accessories which they carry, the smile they wear and the confidence of conveying the ideas to others.

If we meet someone for the first time or even see a glance, the first thing that comes in the notice is the face. We see numerous people in a day but we hardly remember a single person unless we meet them in person or there is some unique trait in them. Women with glasses comparatively have high chances of getting a second look only if they carry the frame which perfectly suits them. So, we have to be very careful at the time of purchasing glasses.

Voogueme has a wide range of eyewear with a good quality frame as we believe in delivering the quality products in order to make our customers satisfied.


Have you ever noticed how certain women always seem to look good, even when they are wearing the simplest of outfits? There's something about their look that catches the eye, without the aid of designer fashion or the help of a stylist. There's no big secret to what they have done. It's quite simple, really. They have mastered the art of accessorizing.
So, the next time you look in your wardrobe and sigh at the drab and basic outfits you have to choose from, remember that you can accessorize too. You can elevate the way you look in some very simple ways, no matter your budget. However, there are some rules you need to follow to make this work.

What you choose to wear when you’re invited to a job interview says a lot about your personality. Most recruiters –  even though they try not to make any harsh judgment – build their impression of you in a few seconds. In fact, most of them already have a positive or negative opinion even before you start to speak. Your outfit, consequently, can be the nudge in the positive direction you need if you want to impress your future employer. Most companies share their workwear policies either on their website or directly during the early stage of the interview process. In doubt, experts recommend choosing a safe and neutral option, such as a pair of tailored pants with an elegant blazer and a blouse.

However, when you’re invited to a job in the fashion industry, you need to forget everything you know about interview wear and show off your style – not too much! Indeed, a fashion recruiter will be expecting something a little more palatable than the traditional dull office skirt suit. However, be careful to tailor your outfit to the kind of role you’re applying to. For instance, if you are interviewed for a role as a social media expert for a fashion magazine, you need to keep your trendy items low key and showcase more of your practical side. If you’ve seen a job as an entry-level fashion writer, recruiters expect a creative outfit and a good eye for details, but they don’t want you to dress up like Meryl Streep in the Devil Wears Prada either. Confusing? You bet it is! So how do you get it right? The best way to impress is to put some thoughts into your outfit. Here are the 8 golden rules to nail your interview fashion style.


If you have ever looked into your closet and thought to yourself “I have nothing to wear”, despite the piles of clothes you see, it’s most likely because you don’t own the right items. When you don’t purposefully build your wardrobe, you end up with a lot of random, incoherent pieces. That is when it’s time to start thinking about a minimalist wardrobe that will help you save space, time and money, and spare you from every day “nothing to wear” stresses.

Before you fully commit to a smaller closet, a good idea might be to try the minimalist wardrobe challenge for a month or two, in order to understand the process better and realize what works best for you. The key to a successful wardrobe is to have foundational items which are classic, versatile and flattering. When you have these basic items, you will never run out of things to wear, because they easily connect your prints, accent colors and textures, in order to create endless combinations. Here are some of the staple pieces which should be the core of every minimalist wardrobe:


We all now live in a world where fashion changes with just a little amount of time. It can transform from one to another. They say that fashion is never constant, there is always change, and we just can’t stop it. While that may be true, there are items that are considered to be must-haves or for some, it is their go-to items.


Most people believe that keeping the romance alive is hard and exhausting, but the truth is quite the opposite. The point is that you don’t really need to do anything special as long as you treat your partner with respect and care – and add a little something-something into the mix from time to time. Going on a romantic spa date might be just the thing you were looking for, so if you too are searching for ways to make your romantic time with your loved one extra special, here are a few ideas all couples should look into.


A jacket is a woman’s best friend. It’s stylish, versatile, and best of all; it’s easy to throw on. Heading out on a girl’s night out? A badass biker jacket will keep you ready for wherever the evening has in store for you. Or if you’re prepping for a big meeting, a smart blazer is all you need to look like a girl boss in minutes—no heels required!
So on days when your look demands an upgrade, the right jacket will serve you well, which is why it’s a key wardrobe staple that every woman should consider investing in.

Don’t know where to start? Here are seven timeless jacket styles to buy now and wear forever:


We might be enjoying one of the hottest summers on record but as we begin to enter August, you need to begin to think about the oncoming autumn. Summer can’t last forever, and beginning to think about what to wear when the weather starts to worsen will pay dividends for you later on.

Autumn, like spring, can be an awkward interstitial period for your wardrobe. The height of summer and the depths of winter are relatively easy to dress for. Even if you’re not enjoying the weather (whether you’re suffering from SAD in winter or not coping with the heat in the height of summer) consistency makes it easy to make your choices. The transitional seasons don’t have that consistency, and that means it’s difficult to make your choices.