Veggie Christmas Tree Recipe + Win A $25 Gift Card

 Holidays won't be complete without having a feast. There are many gatherings of friends, family members, and loved ones.

Christmas time is a hard time to stay on track and eat healthy. But it's possible! Today HueTrition is sharing a recipe that you can make that is healthy and easy. This Veggie Christmas Tree recipe has just a few ingredients of healthy food. Bring it to your next party so you know you have something delicious and healthy to nibble on. This recipe comes from their HueHoliday's series on YouTube. Make sure you check it out because there are so many tips to help you make great choices this holiday season and for the New year! This recipe does not have exact measurements because you can make it as big or as small as you want. If you have extra ingredients you can just add them to a new veggie tray for everyone to enjoy.

Veggie Christmas Tree

  • Broccoli Crowns - for the tree
  • Cherry Tomatoes - tree garland
  • Cauliflower - snow
  • Yellow Bell Pepper - Star
  • Pretzel sticks - the base of the tree
You can also add some yogurt based dipping sauce on the side to add more flavors to the appetizer. Watch this video to assemble the Veggie Christmas Tree!

About HueTrition:

HueTrition™ is a nationally-recognized family wellness program that utilizes cutting-edge technologies to promote a balanced, and active lifestyle that includes a daily variety of colorful fruits and vegetables from an early age while encouraging sensible choices for the planet.
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Good Luck!

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