Learn how to get a discount and shop on Lazada through PERA SWIPE #lazadaXperaswipe

I could personally admit that I love the convenience of shopping online. I have done purchasing household supplies, beauty products, school supplies and event gadgets from different online shops. With the help of my computer or even just my mobile, I can buy anything I want. But of course, now that I already have my own family I love shopping with items with great deals so I can have huge savings. One of the websites that I love is Lazadaone of the leading online shopping platform in Southeast Asia. They offer a wide range of products from different shops with free shipping or cash on delivery offers. 

In line with the 1st PERAnniversary, the celebration of the first year anniversary of Pera Swipe, they are bringing a PERA SWIPE V2.3, newest version of the app that offers easier ways to earn points and get Lazada discounts!

But what is PERA SWIPE? How do you earn points or get Lazada discounts?

"You Swipe, We Pay!" It's the tagline from PERA SWIPE, an Android app created for Filipino smartphone users. PERA SWIPE is a FREE application that REWARDS USERS with POINTS that can be REDEEMED for a MOBILE LOAD or OTHER PRIZES like Game Credits, GIFT CERTIFICATES, etc. 

If you love online shopping especially from Lazada, then this month is definitely a great chance to enjoy 10% discounts on any item on LAZADA. Pera Swipe partnered with Lazada for an online event happening this whole month of June. This will be from June 4 to 30, 2018.

Here's how it works:
  • Download or Update PERA SWIPE V2.3 on Google Play (http://bit.ly/PeraSwipe)

  • Register/Sign up an account to Pera Swipe app. *Use my referral ID acodeza when you sign up and get 555 points instantly!
  • Swipe LEFT when you see the GET VOUCHER lock screen. Wait for the LAZADA app to open or download the LAZADA app if you have not installed it on your phone. You will receive the 10% Discount Voucher Code via SMS to your registered number. 

sample SMS that contains the Lazada discount code
  • Shop at Lazada App. ENTER the voucher code when you checkout and enjoy 10% off!
I looked for something I could buy from Lazada and what caught my eye is the lovely pair of gold Crystal flat sandals for women for P677 (pesos). I immediately added the item to my cart and went to the payment page. The Lazada discount code should be placed at the "VOUCHER" box and hit the ok button. Make sure that you are putting the right code so that the 10% will be deducted from the Total amount you have to pay including the shipping fee and Taxes if applicable. There are many payment options for your to choose from even Cash On Delivery is also available.

*The discount will only work if the LAZADA app is opened through PERA SWIPE lock screen, so be sure to follow the steps.
*This promo is exclusive for purchases made using the LAZADA app.
*The discount voucher code from PERA SWIPE is valid for 7 days only.
*One voucher per week can only be requested by each user every Monday. 

But aside from the 10% discount, a 5% cashback for all Lazada Purchases will be given (no minimum purchase with the maximum P300 Discount

1. Purchase any products from Lazada in any day this month of June 2018. There's no minimum/maximum purchase required.
2. Make sure you have registered the same email in Lazada and PERA SWIPE. Change your e-mail address in the settings of your PERA SWIPE application.
3. Your purchases must be made using the Lazada app after it opens by swiping left on the PERA SWIPE lock screen.

Activate our Lazada E-Wallet on or before 1st of July 2018. You will be notified via SMS when the cash back has been credited to your Lazada E-Wallet on or before 17th of July 2018.
*activate Lazada E-wallet within 24 hours to receive the P50 welcome bonus that will be credited to your E-wallet 5 working days from the activation

* Not applicable for canceled/refunded transactions.
* Make sure your email address on PERA SWIPE and Lazada are the same. You won’t get 5% cash back if the email addresses do not match.

With the PERA SWIPE to V2.3, you'll get to enjoy the benefits of the POINT ELEVATOR. It's now easier to accumulate bigger points by swiping up/down without consuming your time.  Points add up as you swipe up/down. Lock screen points start at +1. To add more points, swipe up and wait for 1 second, then you’ll see the point become +2! And when you’re happy with the number of points you get on your lock screen, go swipe left/right.  If you will choose to swipe left, a pop-up message will appear for the instructions on how you'll earn more points.

If you're using the old version,  just make sure that you cleared your cache after updating.  How to clear cache? Just go to the "Settings" of your mobile phone and look for the "Apps". Click the Pera Swipe app then hit the "Storage" just below the "Uninstall" and "Forcestop" options. Lastly, click the "Clear Cache" and exit. 

*Don’t panic when you see +1 on your points history. If you unlocked at +30 points on your lock screen, it would appear as +1 and +29 in your points account history. 

*The Swipe Up/Down 100 and Swipe Up/Down 20/20 PROMO will no longer be available starting June 4, 2018

What are you waiting for? Download your PERA SWIPE app now and start earning points. Don't forget to download LAZADA app as well to enjoy the 10% discount and 5% cashback. 

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine

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