SCHICK has established it’s own niche in the industry as one of the pioneer when              it comes to smooth shaving. 

2019 marks a very important year for SCHICK PHILIPPINES, as it launches it’s latest and most advanced razor to date – The Schick Hyrdro 5 Sense.

Chit Itchon, Global Marketing Director for Men’s Shaving at Edgewell Personal Care said: “We know that not all skin is the same and that guys take pride in finding products that address their specific skincare and grooming needs.

A guy’s grooming routine is more art than science, and no one’s grooming routine is the same.  The new Schick Hydro® 5 allows us to provide maximum comfort while helping to protect from irritation in a truly unique and customized way.”  Itchon added.

The New Schick Hydro 5 Sense, the next generation of Schick razors is packed with five (5) unique and useful features designed to create a personalized shaving experience like never before.


Choosing a university course is a huge decision for teenagers and one that can affect the rest of their lives. Not only is it a major financial investment, it also helps prepare young people for their future career. With that said, it’s important for parents to get involved with the decision making process to help ease the pressure. A senior school in Surrey have put together the following information for parents who are unsure how to help their child determine which course is best.

When children are young, their friends are typically chosen by their parents and they tend to just be happy to have a little playmate without being emotionally invested in the relationship. As children age, however, their friendships become more complex; they start to base relationships on trust and greater intimacy. Although these relationships seem more mature, they are still quite fluid and some issues will arise from time to time. It’s important for parents to be ready for these little bumps in the road and do their best to help their child get through it. Read on for some advice from an independent school in Hertfordshire.
There are many benefits to sending your child to an international school. Some of these benefits include exposure to new cultures and languages, growth in personal skills, enhanced extra-curricular activities and improved career opportunities.

To help you decide on the best educational path for your child, a primary school in Cambridge have listed below some of the key benefits that an international school can offer your child…


Today, modern businesses use a number of methods to accept credit card payments. Payments are processed using aerials, microchips, and radio frequency identifications. Microchips are everywhere. Online card payment processing is the future. Transportable POS systems, mobile wallets, and biometric security systems overtake the market.

As early as next year, payment processing technology will become very widespread. Companies introduced contactless payment systems with the biometric authentication to Asian markets almost three years ago.

Without further ado, here are 3 methods to accept credit card payments.


Most of us know just how unhealthy most energy drinks on the market right now can be to our health. Drinking something that's packed with sugar or artificial sweeteners and flavors might give us the jolt that's needed, but it certainly isn't the best way to feel energized throughout the day. For this reason, it's important to look for an energy drink that you can trust. With a good-quality drink and a healthy diet and exercise routine, you'll find that you have the energy to get through just about any day.

Because there are a lot of energy drinks on the market right now that aren't the best option for your health and wellness, it's important to look for products that you can trust. This is the reason so many men and women have chosen the Jeunesse Global brand. Jeunesse Global is well-known for their health and wellness products as well as beauty products that you can utilize at home on your own. What sets Jeunesse Global apart from a lot of their competition is that they have created an energy drink that is free of artificial flavors, sweeteners and ingredients so that you can feel confident in your decision to choose this particular product. This product is known as Nevo, and it has taken the world by storm with its quality ingredients and its ability to provide steady energy throughout the day.


Cleanliness is very important anywhere we are. Wether we are outside or inside our home, we must make sure that our surroundings is clean. It would be very nice to have a portable and handy vacuum cleaner we can use to clean. 

Great news!

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During the summer season, everyone's going gaga over skincare products that reduce skin damages. Although the lips look different, it is actually a part of the skin, which is the first defense of the body against the harmful UV rays. How can you protect your lips from the harmful UV rays, and at the same time, look fabulous under the sun? This summer, protect your lips with Evolution of Smooth lip balm.

*Image source: yahoo news

Shaquille O'Neal has gone from being one of the biggest men in pro sports to being THE biggest pizza spokesman on the planet. Shaquille O'Neal made headlines around the country when it was announced that the former NBA big man and TV analyst was partnering up with Papa John's. Shaq will be incorporated into a string of franchises that seek to utilize the famous Hall of Famer's charisma and athletic past in order to fundamentally redesign operations. Right now, reports are showing that Shaq will become the owner of nine franchises around the country. The first of the pizza franchises to open under the Shaq redesign will be on the Georgia Tech main campus, right near the TNT Studio that Shaq works at for 'Inside the NBA'.

For Shaq, the partnership with the famous pizza chain makes plenty of sense. Since retiring from the NBA, Shaq has been one of the most enterprising athletic entrepreneurs in the world. Outside of his work on television and in Hollywood, Shaq has been nearly prolific with his investments. Shaq is already the owner of a Krispy Kreme Doughnuts shop in Atlanta as well as 27 Five Guys locations throughout the country. Shaq is also the owner and founder of a Las Vegas chicken-themed restaurant known as Big Chicken. Shaq also has several major endorsements including a partnership with National General Insurance, Carnival Cruise Lines, and even the medical balm, Icy Hot.

Cosmetics have become a part of our daily lives since ancient times. For thousands of years, people from different empires and civilizations have discovered a way on how to retain a young looking skin. Ancient humans have been thirsty for knowledge, and all information that they find is being used to discover things that would allow them to stay young and beautiful. Then, myths have spread all over the world about the legendary fountain of youth. Unfortunately, this fountain was never found, but it did not stop humans from discovering new information that could lead to the discovery of a wonder drug that has the capacity to reverse the signs of aging.

How would you like it if investors had such trust in a company that you had built that they decided to put a collective $50 million dollars of their own money into its operations? That is exactly what has happened with the company known as Talkspace.

You may have heard of this brand as it has been around for the last seven years. They are the company that decided that they wanted to change the way that we all receive our mental healthcare. The biggest way for them to take a chance with this was to provide that healthcare in a way that was not commercially available up to that point. Their big idea was to provide these services over the Internet.


Buying your first property is probably the biggest financial decision you have made in your life up that point, and it comes with both benefits and problems. Home ownership advantages may include tax benefits, personal pride in having truly your own place and financial security but knowing when to take the plunge is a difficult decision.


From attending university open days and receiving conditional or unconditional offers to opening the envelope on A-level results day, a lot goes into getting into university. It can be a very daunting process.  An established independent Sixth Form College in Hendon carefully and skilfully advises pupils and parents on appropriate courses and universities and has prepared some guidance below.  


If you’re a parent, you’re probably aware that getting your kids to talk about school is quite the challenge. Most of the time when you ask them about their day, they have simple one or two word answers. Not to worry, a prep school in Hertfordshire have prepared the following advice for parents who want to encourage their children to really open up about school. 


As awareness is increasing people are becoming more willing than they ever have before to help clean up the planet and reduce their carbon footprints. If like a lot of us you would like some guidance on where to start Shout Promotional Merchandise, have pulled together a helpful list below!
  1. Go paperless! Switch to online billing and opt out of unnecessary leaflets and magazines.
  2. Switch off – turn off any appliances or lights at the wall when not in use.
  3. Reuse – stop with the one use plastic bottles, straws and cups. Invest in a reusable cup, bottle and straw to help save the planet.
  4. Freeze food – catch your food before it goes out of date by popping it in the freezer.
  5. Plant a tree. Have fun in the garden while helping the environment by planting new trees.
  6. Turn down the heat – wash clothes in cold water.
  7. Upcycle – turn old t-shirts into cleaning rags and take things that no longer fit to the charity shops.
  8. Open the windows – let the cool air in before you switch on the air con!
  9. Meat free Mondays – Try cutting meat and dairy from your diet for one day a week to help reduce your carbon footprint.
  10. Public transport – jump on a bus or train instead of in your car to cut your CO2 emissions.
  11. Compost – this will keep your garden green and reduce your wastage.
  12. Use LED – LED lightbulbs last longer and are far more efficient!
  13. Insulate – Make sure your home is correctly insulated to keep your rooms cool in the summer and warm in the winter without using the heating or fans!
  14. Shop local – shopping closer to home means less carbon is created and you are supporting the local economy.
Going green can start from the smallest steps and changes in everyday life, so why not start today? 


I am not a fan of real estates nor fond of looking at model units because first, the houses that I always see are too expensive and second, there are houses that are affordable yet they are made out of substandard materials. However, a post has caught my attention telling about a real estate being affordable yet better in terms of how the units are built. That is Bellavita.



Eco-friendly businesses strive to maintain a positive impact on the environment and their local community. This can be achieved through many easy strategies, from recycling and lowering emissions, to promoting energy efficient policies within the workplace.

Did you know that by incorporating eco-friendly practices into your business, you will not only be saving the environment, but you can also save money too?

Read on to learn three easy strategies for running an eco-friendly business…


After our wild and carefree twenties, it’s time to face the reality that we’re not getting any younger and step into thirties in great style. When we finally get over the fact that we’re not 25 anymore and that we can’t turn back the time, it’s time to accept the awful truth regarding the aging process. In our 30s, the skin slowly loses its elasticity, the production of collagen decreases, and those tiny little lines and wrinkles are becoming more and more frequent. Therefore, it’s crucial for your face to be regularly cleansed and you should never go to bed without removing your makeup beforehand. Since we live in an era where beauty hacks and treatments are rapidly improving, it’s safe to say that your 30s can easily become the new 20s with the help of different products and procedures. Here are some tips for all the young moms on how to keep their skin fresh and glowy.


If you are planning a winter wedding, there are a few things to consider, the weather being a major concern, of course. An outdoor venue might not be the best of ideas, as the temperature, can drop to an uncomfortable level, and with that in mind, here are a few tips on arranging a winter wedding in Australia.

Most people do not get the nutrition they need. And this can lead to lower overall health. However, one health, wellness, and beauty company have developed a unique supplement system that provides 24-hour nutrition. That company, Jeunesse Global, is helping its customers get an edge on the day with AM & PM Essentials.


Its exam period for many a level students in the UK and some teenagers might be feeling quite worried about the results they’ll receive in a few months. Many parents might be thinking “can my son/daughter retake their a levels if they really have failed?” The answer is “Yes”! Read on to find out more information, shared by Mount House School in Hertfordshire.

If your child has come out of an exam feeling upset and anxious, it’s important not to worry too much, as re-sitting the exam is an option. Your child can still get into university and progress into the career of their dreams. Many colleges and Sixth Forms offer re-sit courses for both A Levels and GCSEs and your child’s tutors will be able to give them appropriate advice to ensure they are making the best possible decision. Re-sitting the course will also help your teen rebuild the confidence they have lost from failing the first time.

Nothing starts our day right better than a cup of Joe in the early morning. Coffee culture is and will always be centered on the idea of starting the day with a delicious cup of hot coffee. Throughout the years, coffee culture has evolved beyond its distinct taste, aroma and energy-boosting capacities. Thanks for brands like Organo Gold, coffee is not just a drink we’ve all come to love. It has become a drink that has become an essential part of our lives.

Organo Gold is one of the caffeine products that is changing the coffee culture one step at a time. The product goes beyond traditional coffee beans at it adds fungus to the mix. In hindsight, each pack of Organo Gold is made of 100% Arabica coffee and Organic Ganoderma Lucidum. The resulting drink is a regular coffee that comes packed with other essential benefits.

The interminable winter has finally given way to spring. At long last, that means strolls in the park, picnics, and just having fun outdoors can be put back on the agenda.

Following the often crushing cold of winter, it’s just nice to finally be able to go outside again without having to worry about what it could do to your body. That cold and dry winter air can be particularly cruel on your lips.

To be clear though, just because it’s spring, that doesn’t mean that you can forget about your skincare, especially when it comes to your lips. You will still need to pack some EOS lip balm if you want to be sure that the weather won’t damage that part of your body significantly.


This information is brought to you by EvgieNev. All opinions are my own.
It's a big decision planning out your baby's nursery! An easy way to create an amazing nursery is with wall decals from EvgieNev. They have been making wall decals since 2010 and they have over 250 wall decals to pick from. You can even customize the colors to make your dream nursery! Make sure you visit their website because you will find so many ways to decorate your nursery. Check out what some of their customers have to say about their wall decals and look at how amazing their rooms look with vinyl wall decals from EvgieNev! 

Unlike a cracked windshield or an empty gas tank, it’s not always apparent when your car tires need routine maintenance. Continuing to drive on balding, worn-out tires can be dangerous, so here are a few tips on determining when your tires need to be replaced. If it’s time to trade in your old rubber for a fresh, new set, search for auto parts near me.


Limiting learning to the classroom is a huge mistake. Of course, school is a child’s primary source of intellectual and social growth, but parents can really enhance their children’s desire to learn whilst at home or on their travels. Manor House School have put together the following advice to help parents encourage learning outside of the classroom.

First of all, parents have to lead by example. If you show are not interested in learning new things, reading or exploring, then neither will your children. You can help your child find a love of reading from a young age by reading to them and asking them to read to you. Explore different genres until they find one they like, rather than giving up if they don’t like the first few books. You could even let them pick their own books so that they don’t consider it to be a boring chore.

From preventing gum disease from delaying tooth decay, braces provide several benefits beyond purely straightening crooked teeth.

If you have always questioned whether you would benefit from braces, then the answer is that you may well do. Going to book a visit with a trusted local orthodontist can put an end to your worries and provide you with a concrete answer.

If you are searching for a good practice near you in Sydney, why not try Alexandria orthodontics specialist. Then you can discover if you have any concrete issues and get advice from the professionals themselves on the best ways to go about solving them.


Before indulging into the chains and clasps of the fine trends of jewelry, one thing to always have in mind is evolution. Trends evolve with time, but there are those which are meant to last and become classics. Unlike the fashion catwalk, where trends do not seem to last, fine jewelry does not change significantly from one season to the other. The cost associated with the raw materials for producing fine jewelry alone makes it difficult or impractical to alter the trends every few weeks to keep up with fashion. So, if you are looking for the latest gemstone jewellery trends this year, here is what you need to know.


The final two years of secondary school, known as Sixth Form, are very important for teenagers. Sixth Form is a time for students to make serious decisions about how they want to progress with their higher education, and consequently their career. The Dixie Grammar School has the following advice for parents of teenagers who are transitioning into Sixth Form.

First and foremost your child will need to decide which subjects they would like to study. They will need to identify which are their strongest and which are their favourite. You can help them by researching what a levels lead to certain careers and what a levels are required for certain university courses. If your teen seems quite anxious about the decisions and the uncertainty, you can help by learning as much information as possible with them, so that you all know as much as you can and feel a little more in control of the situation.


Play is hugely important for the development of our children because it promotes their cognitive, physical, social and emotional well-being.  In fact, it’s one of the biggest ways they learn and develop. What’s more, playtime is a great opportunity for parents to bond and engage with their little ones. I have teamed up with a nursery and prep school in Somerset to explore the benefits of play time in more detail.

When our children are young, it’s important that learning is fun for them. It should involve experimentation and exploration. Each child is unique; they grow and develop in their own way and at their own speed. With that in mind, you should never compare your own child to another but instead, help them explore different types of play.

Physical play, like ball games or dance, helps them develop their strength, coordination, and flexibility. Alternatively, doing a jigsaw or playing with building blocks will help your child identify shapes and develop logic. Dressing up or playing with dolls allows children to develop their imagination as they create and explore new worlds.

Generally speaking, play allows children to learn useful skills that they can carry with them throughout all aspects of their lives, including independence, curiosity, resilience, confidence and so on. As a parent, it’s your job to encourage your child to play and explore different environments, both inside and outside.

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It is common knowledge that weddings can be quite expensive. It won’t be the wedding dress and the groom’s suit that you have to think about. There’s a lot to spend on for this monumental day of your life, from your wedding bands to the food and venue. It can be very stressful, so some couples get wedding planners to plan and handle everything.

But, if you are one of those couples who want to save on expenses and instead set aside money for the life you want to build with your beloved, you can do the careful planning for your dream wedding yourself. While it may be challenging, having the perfect affair on a budget is possible.

It’s perfectly understandable that you would want to keep the expenses at a manageable rate. You’ve already shelled out a significant portion of your savings on unique engagement rings she will love. Here are some tips to help you achieve the wedding of your dreams without breaking the bank:


There is nothing like that buzz and excitement from your children when the summer holiday begins! We all love the summer and the chance to spend more time outside, visiting the seaside and having picnics. It is also a time when you can get creative with your children and have some well-deserved fun together.

To help your kiddies stay creative, and to ensure you don’t run out of ways to keep them busy, I want to share my favourite summer crafting essentials…


When summertime rolls around, kids like to bring their education to a screeching halt. Unfortunately, adolescents aren’t too keen on expanding their knowledge throughout the summer. However, there’s never an inopportune time to foster learning. Here are some ideas on how to keep children engaged and stimulated during summer vacation.


The rate of people tying the knot is at an all-time high during the summer season, filling your social calendar for a lofty, good reason, and that of course is none other than love. As the warmest season of the year, outdoor wedding ceremonies are popular because they try to take advantage of the lovely weather. Here are this season’s hippest and chicest styling trends for taking your boho, beach, or garden wedding dressing to the next level.

Moving abroad can be an emotionally stressful undertaking, and it certainly requires lots of planning and preparation. There is no denying that this is a time of uncertainty and that you might even feel a bit frightened of what’s to come. Now imagine being a child who not only has zero control over the entire thing but also lacks the rational and emotional maturity to understand the reasons that have shaped your decision to move abroad.

If you don’t prepare your children for the road ahead, if you don’t find the right tutors for them to continue their education seamlessly, or if you don’t guide them through the lengthy adjustment phase, you will never be able to fully enjoy your new life. Here are the four tips to achieve this and build the life you deserve.

As the exams begin and the school workload gets heavier, it is essential that your child makes time at home to study.

Studying may not be at the top of your child’s priorities; however, you can help to make this time more enjoyable by following some simple strategies and encouraging good study habits.
Here are three helpful strategies from Dover College to help your child develop a new love of learning…


Getting your kids ready for school in the mornings is often a huge challenge for parents, especially if there’s more than one child. The trick is to be organised and allow yourself plenty of time, just in case there are any hiccups. I have teamed up with an independent school in New York to offer you some advice on how you can save time and ensure the school run runs smoothly.

First and foremost, be sure to prepare as much as you can the night before. Encourage your kids to pack their school bags and lay their uniform out before bed so that everything is ready in the morning. If your children eat a packed lunch, you should lead by example and make the sandwiches etc. the night before too. The more you get done the night before as a family, the more time you’ll have in the morning. Checklists are great for ticking everything off and making sure you don’t forget anything.
Kids tend to explore things and they wanted to learn new things by helping on the house chores like cleaning in the kitchen. Their safety is our number one priority while helping at home.


The school holidays should be a time for some much-needed relaxation and family time, but this doesn’t mean that learning has to stop; in fact, the holidays can provide many fun and exciting learning opportunities.

Listed below are some activities recommended by Banstead Preparatory School to encourage your children to stay motivated and enjoy learning during the school holidays…


Can you feel the heat? Summer season is already around the corner and many have already gone to beaches and other summer outings while most students are looking for activities to make their vacation worthwhile. 

For those who love to play indoors or being at home, Nimo TV, one of the country's leading video game streaming platform, is an excellent past time for students who love gaming and learn new skills at the same time. It offers 8 – 12 MP quality live streaming and can be accessed via mobile or PC make it easier for everyone to start live streaming as a hobby and eventually make it a career.

Nimo TV’s unique ecosystem, which consists of streamers, viewers, brand sponsors and celebrity players can help newcomers discover different techniques in starting their channel. It has a chat feature where streamers and viewers can communicate with one another and exchange tips on how to win a game they play.


The winter months can be quite unkind to our gardens, leaving homeowners with lots of repair jobs and sprucing up to do in the run-up to summer. Now that snow, wind, and rain are becoming irregular and daylight is lasting longer, it’s a perfect time to do some DIY around the garden and get it ready for BBQ season. The type of work you do will depend on your budget and how much time you have, but here are some ideas to inspire you.
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