Your Guide to Camping in Qatar

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Although Qatar is a small country, encompassing just over 4,400 square miles, there are plenty of things to see and do.  Camping may not be the first thing you think of. However, it’s indeed a unique experience and one that both locals and tourists enjoy.  In this article, we’re going to take a look at some of the different camping experiences you can have in this desert country. Let’s get started, shall we?

Tips for Organising the Best Christmas Dinner Party Ever

Be honest – how many times have you listened to “All I Want for Christmas Is You” this November? If the answer is “more than I can count”, then it’s definitely time to start the preparations for the best Christmas dinner party of this year. We, Xmas lovers, have patiently waited and waited and waited for this period of the year to come, and finally, here it is. So, if you see yourself as a Christmas elf, take a look at these tips and start with the organisation of the Christmas dinner party many will remember forever.

A guide to your bridal party and why you need them by your side

Image from Pexels

Picking the friends that you want to be part of your bridal party can be hard. You want them to be fun enough to organise a memorable hen party but responsible enough to keep things in check on the big day. A 2016 survey conducted by hitched revealed that brides have on average 3 bridesmaids by their side on the big day. But what are the different types of bridesmaids and what makes them so great?

The Waterfront Hotel, a wedding venue in Bedfordshire, has come up with this fun guide.

Make Your Humble Abode Feel Like A Victorian Mansion

Your home may not look like a mansion from the outside, but that doesn’t mean you can’t decorate the interior to feel like one. Victorian décor is back in vogue and can be made to match any sized property. For those that love the opulent and elegant style of a Victorian home, here are a few décor tricks that can make your humble abode feel more aristocratic.

Top 5 tips when booking accommodations

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The holiday season is right around the corner. Some choose to celebrate the special occasions at their home, but others are taking a vacation far away from home like traveling outside the country. Travelers may have to deal with the extra crowds on holidays, many families, as well as individuals, regardless, many are still going on a trip during holidays. 

Before you jump on a plane for your holiday travel, things should be organized first so that you'll have plans in one place. It can be overwhelming and time-consuming, right? Aside from finding alternative flights to snag the best seats, booking a hotel is also one of the priorities.  Avoid mistakes when booking hotel accommodation to be able to save your time and money.

It may seem uncomplicated and easy to book hotel accommodations, but sometimes it's not easy as you think. You'll have to be careful in booking a hotel room because it might end up ruining your trip.

Here are some of the tips when booking that hotel room:

Who plays the lottery and why keep playing?

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Though the odds of winning the lottery is relatively small and the chances are 1 in a million, people are still playing. Winning the jackpot prize is the most significant motivation of a person to buy more lottery tickets. The lottery is a method of raising money organized by the state or a charity in which people buy numbered tickets then random draw chooses the winner/s.


Have you ever experienced a day wherein nothing seems to go well, that no matter how you try to choose the right path, you keep making the wrong turn? Just like having a bad hair day, no matter how many times you comb your hair, it just would not budge.

Life can be challenging at times, but there will always be a way to resolve these challenges and come out victorious. Having this in mind will be easy to keep your patience and continue to move forward.

Three Common Duties Of A Certified Nurse Assistant

A certified nurse assistant or CNA is a nurse who works under supervision with a registered nurse to deliver care to those who need it. You can become a CNA by completing a training program, and if you are looking to go into a career in nursing but you want to test the waters first, becoming a CNA could be the way to do this. A CNA can take on many roles, providing care for all age groups and gaining valuable experience in the nursing field.

A Mindful Guide to Bringing Joy to Your Life

As the wise Dalai Lama once said – Happiness is not something ready-made, it comes from your own actions. Sometimes, the key to feeling joyful is spreading joy all around you. Many of us let the outside factors tackle with our happiness and our mood, which is an amateur mistake. Having a bad day, and not being in the greatest mood is not a reason not to smile, laugh or think positively. Even though you won’t believe in it, you’ll be spreading an aura of happiness around you. So, what are the things we could do to make our everyday full of joy?

Importance of weather detection system

Safety is of utmost importance wherever we may go. It is something that we should never compromise no matter what the cost is. However, regardless of how careful we are, an accident is something that is way beyond our control. It can happen anytime and anywhere without prior notice. The least that we can do as humans is to innovate and maximize the use of our latest technology to somehow keep up with the unpredictable future.

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Mumpreneurs: 6 Apps and Services To Make Your Life Easier

We live in a world that has grown so fast that everyone has their hands full with various daily obligations. And that is just when having an ordinary job from nine to five. But when you’re a mum, you don’t have to have a nine to five job in order to keep busy. In fact, managing your home and your family is enough to leave you without even a moment to catch your breath. You can try various techniques in creating your individual schedule, but at the end of the day, it will still be full. Luckily, there are some useful apps and services that can make your life easier.

Making Your Mark On Those You Practically Contact

Every business has its own personal markings that will make it stand out and be noticed. The same happens for individuals when they either become successful or merely make an effort to be seen. Making your mark can also be done by how you contact via practical means. By doing this, you can create an aura and an atmosphere around the point of communication with those you love and or those who are in your close circle professionally. More often than not it will be a case of the latter needing to be pushed forward and become a part of your natural routine. If you own a business or just want to get, your name circulating around the workplace, when you are making memos, handing out documents, and or writing reports, your personal markings should express your presence.

Using A Chiropractor During Pregnancy

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Pregnancy changes the female body in many ways, and carrying excess weight for such a long period of time can cause muscle aches, pains, and spine alignment issues. Chiropractors can be an essential part of a pregnant woman’s care team in pregnancy, during the birth, and after. If you are suffering from aches or pains or wish to use a more natural alternative in aiding pregnancy symptoms, you may wish to use a chiropractor.

What Can A Chiropractor Do For Pregnant Women?

Chiropractors do not just help with back and joint pain, they can also assist with feelings of nausea that are associated with pregnancy. Some of these pains may be caused by a misalignment of the spine or pelvis, which occurs when the abdomen begins to increase in size and the spine becomes curved to compensate for this extra weight. Chiropractors can also help with diet and exercise regimes; some of them may be specially trained in nutrition and this is something you may wish to look for when searching for a chiropractor. If you suffer from high blood pressure during pregnancy, a chiropractor can be used as an alternative to medicines to help relieve hypertension, which is unsafe for both mother and baby. When adjusting, chiropractors have to be very careful in not putting excess pressure on the abdomen and therefore will use a table when helping to align the spine and pelvis of a pregnant woman.

Skincare tips: Improve the way you care for your skin #minnavi #미나비

Women aged faster than men especially those who work under pressure. A working mom, students, full-time mom or even a single woman can be under a lot of stress which can affect their skin appearance. While on stress, fine lines, wrinkles and pimple breakout can be seen to our face. Tthese are some of the skin problem women don't want to have. 

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Christmas in Wolverhampton

Image source:Pexels

With November nearly halfway through and December unavoidably on the horizon, we have to admit that Christmas is coming. Wolverhampton has some fantastic festive events in the offing, and there’s no better time to start making your plans: the best ones will get busy early, so booking in advance and having a clear plan of attack is vital!

If you’re living in student accommodation Wolverhampton has some great events from November so you have a chance to get in some festive fun with your University friends before you have to head back home for Christmas.

ChocoVit Syrup chocolatey flavored multivitamins for kids #ChocoVit

Kids grow fast, and their body changes. Because we are now living in the world that most parents go to work, sometimes we neglect to give our children balance healthy diet. That's why most pediatricians recommend children to take daily dose vitamins and minerals from food supplements to backup. Vitamin A, Bs, C, D, E, K as well as minerals like Calcium, Zinc, and Iron are an essential needs for growing kids. These are the vitamins and minerals which help in boosting their immune system, brain development, healthy bones, and muscles. Without vitamins and minerals, a child's body can have a severe health problem.

Is your child getting enough nutrients from the food he/she eats? Your child could be a picky eater. Does he/she love to eat chocolate? What should we do?

Lazada Flash Sale - November 10, 2017

Be part of the Lazada Online Revolution. Up to 85% off, Flash deals, Free shipping Nationwide and much much more! No sign-ups needed!

Flash Sale - November 10, 2017 - PART 4 of 4

Lazada Philippines Online Revolution Survival Kit

11 things you have to know before 11.11 

Lazada Philippines’ Online Revolution sale has begun. Millions of online shoppers are still on the lookout for jaw-dropping deals and offers from Lazada’s brands, merchants and partners. Hours left before the most-awaited 11.11 and here are 11 ways to slay the mega day:

Three Different Mental Health Specialists

If you’re planning on training to work with Mental Health – either in the NHS or as a private practitioner it helps to know what are the different end points for that training: if you take a Level in Psychology, you could end up in any one of a wide variety of jobs. Let’s help to give you some focus by putting a spotlight on three kinds of Mental Health professionals.

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Think You Can't Have a Stylish Family Bathroom? Think Again!

When you have children, it can often feel like there is no point having nice stuff. It will get ruined or stained if you do, right? For some things, like sofas, delicate ornaments, and carpet, this may very well be the case. But for individual rooms in the house, you can still have a luxury room of your dreams.

Take your bathroom, for example. There won’t be many times that you won’t be in there with them. From diaper changes, potty training, and bathtime, you will be around to supervise them. Plus, the bonus thing is that everything is wipeable. From the bathtub to tiles and shower screens, it will all wash and clean up thoroughly. So it does minimise the risk of having things damaged or stained. Plus, you need at least one room in the home that isn’t filled with everything just for the kids.

But how can you create a luxurious yet practical family bathroom? Here are some tips to help.


Lazada Affiliate Roadshow in Cebu and Davao

Group picture of over 50 Davao Influencers who attended the Lazada Affiliate Roadshow on Nov. 4, 2017 at the Pinnacle Hotel. Taken by Jamie Brennan.
Lazada is an online shop which offers different kinds of promotions for their customers as well as to their affiliates. With their Express Delivery, and Free & Easy Return services, no wonder they are one of the top ranking shopping platform in the Philippines.

November 2017 – The Lazada Affiliate Team tapped into Philippines' top influencers and bloggers from Cebu, and Davao to help making Lazada’s Online Revolution Sale 2017 their biggest sales campaign ever.

Lazada Philippines Online Revolution 2017: Give More and Save More

Southeast Asia’s most significant online shopping event, the Online Revolution Sale, brings to the spotlight over 28 million local and international products from its most trusted brands and sellers. Customers can expect jaw-dropping offers, flash sales, and exclusive launches up to 95% offNo Sign-ups needed! 

Now in its sixth year, expects over 150 million visits combined during the sale period, which begins November 9 in the Philippines. The combination of millions of sellers and buyers makes this year’s theme: “Shop the Universe” a perfect fit.

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Create Thanksgivingday Photos with Fotor

"Life brings tears, smiles, and memories. The tears dry, the smiles fade, but the memories last forever."

It's just two months before we end 2017 and holidays are just around the corner. Aside from Christmas, one of the important holidays is Thanksgiving Day. It is one of the holidays every family celebrates in Canada, the United States, some of the Caribbean islands, Liberia, Germany, Japan and UK  which happens October and November each year. It is more than just a feast because each family has the chance to gather together, have fun and enjoy each other's company. Families have their traditions to give thanks to God for all the blessings received and the gratitude towards each other.    

Don't Get Caught In The Cost Traps

*Picture taken from Flickr

Finding your way to financial freedom is a lot like trying to navigate your way out of a forest. You need to make sure you are heading in the right directions and ensuring that you’re not taking any wrong turns. Of course, in this forest, there are also traps that you need to avoid. These traps may send you into debt spirals or lead you to pay more than you really need to, putting unnecessary pressure on your finances. But what are these traps? Well, there are a few you need to be aware of.

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Winning The Biological Aging Game: How To Stay Forever Young

When you hear people talking about anti-aging, it’s easy to assume that they’re talking about preserving youthful, wrinkle-free skin. While it’s excellent to feel confident about your complexion, it’s not just your skin that shows the signs of aging. Your health should be a priority, no matter whether you’re 25 or 75. The steps you take now can help you stay young, even when the years are ticking by, and the number of candles on the cake is increasing. You may know exactly how old you are to the day, but do you know your biological age? If you’re keen to stay forever young, here are some of the best ways you can protect your health and ensure you look and feel youthful for as long as possible.

What is your biological age?
Have you ever noticed that two people who are the same age could look completely different? Aging isn’t just about physical appearance. It’s also closely related to your health. If you were to undergo tests, a doctor would be able to give you a rough idea of your biological age, and this may be very different to your chronological age and to the biological age of other people who were born on the same day as you. The biological age is often an accurate indicator of how well the body is functioning. In most cases, lifestyle factors play an instrumental role in determining your biological age. The good news is that if your biological age is higher than your chronological age, there are ways you can turn back the clock and boost your health. It’s never too early to do this, so even if you’re a sprightly 20-something, there’s no harm in taking this advice on board.

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Fall Style Tips for Busy Moms

Fall is finally here, and if you’re a busy mom who merely doesn’t have enough time for herself – we understand your concerns. Stay with us and learn how to upgrade your personal style and come up with perfect yet time-saving combos in just four simple steps. Enjoy!

Don’t be afraid to embrace simplicity

Even though it may seem like a cliché, the ‘less is more’ saying is actually so true – especially when you’re a busy mom who doesn’t have much time to get ready in the morning. Seriously, no one needs tons of textured or patterned garments when there are so many simple yet effective pieces that can make your life much easier. Trust us when we say that coming up with a decent outfit every morning is the last thing that should take away your time, so be sure to embrace simple garments like monochromatic blazers, pencil skirts, trousers, and shirts, and you’ll see an instant improvement. Besides that, outfits that consist of only one piece are also fantastic time-savers, and if that’s what you’re looking for, just opt for a stylish jumpsuit or a fashionable dress.

How To Grow Bonsai Trees For Beginners

This article will explain how to get started with growing your first bonsai. You’ll learn the basic steps to follow, as well as some of the recommended plants. Ready to learn what it takes to be a bonsai master? Then let’s begin.

Step 1 – Cultivation
The first step is to choose a bonsai that fits your requirements. Do you want to keep your tree indoors or outdoors? If you’d like it inside then this will limit your options to subtropical trees that can only survive indoors. When it comes to indoor bonsai there are certain varieties of bonsai that are easier to keep than others.

Mommy Bloggers Shared The Love To Kids In Marawi Through Nutri10Plus Syrup Vitamin Blog Campaign

One of the outstanding qualities of mothers is their devotion to providing quality nutrition to their children. This is primarily done by preparing healthy foods and giving effective supplements to sustain and nourish their growing family needs. Nutri10Plus Syrup, a multivitamins packed with Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF), Taurine, Lysine, Zinc and Vitamins C, A, D3 B1 and more, had been assisting mothers all around the Philippines in developing children with strong bodies, active brains and healthy appetite. 

During the moving up ceremony where Kaye Koo of SinagTala Foundation helped in disseminating the Nutri10Plus and DayCee vitamin pouches to the kids

How to choose the Right bathroom Vanity and DIY on a Budget

Whether you are trying to remodel your existing bathroom or installing a new set in your newly built home, choosing vanities comes with a fair share of requirements depending on the available space. In this article, we break it down to help you know what things to consider when trying to find the right vanity and avoid the unnecessary costs and last-minute surprises.

Top trends of autumn and winter 2017

Image source:

It’s the new fashion season, and everyone wants to know what’s in and what’s out. If you 're going to stay one step ahead, check out this style guide from Fulton Umbrellas — a leading supplier of premium fashion umbrellas in the UK.


This season, you’re going to see modern nostalgia like never before. If you love anything quirky, autumn and winter 2017 is going to be packed with beautiful, vintage-inspired styles. Combining patterns of the past — like tweed, herringbone, dogtooth and chintzy florals — with the shapes of the present day, this trend combines the best of both worlds for one effortlessly stylish trend.

Wearing the style: patterns and clothing styles that we think of as vintage blend into any outfit. Be daring and throw on a dogtooth coat, then polish off your vintage look with retro accessories.

Finding A Balance in Family Life

Image source:

Having a family to call your own is in itself a blessing. There’s a warm comfort knowing that when you go home every day you have a loving husband that cares for you and beautiful children that make your life feel complete.

But what about a healthy balance? Life can’t always be all about family. Deep inside there are still your wants, needs, desires, and aspirations. You may be taking care of all your family’s nutritional needs but are you taking care of yours? Do you make the time to meditate or exercise? One needs a balanced life even with family because you need to enjoy things outside the family structure too.

Letting My Feet Take Me Somewhere Else

We need a lifetime to explore this wonderful world. There will always be a hidden desire in each one of us to break free from our usual everyday routine. At some point, somehow, we wish to be a different person living in a different place. Perhaps, routine weakens us and it makes us feel tired. Along the way, as we are all too busy living our lives, waking up and do things the same way as yesterday, we are slowly losing our souls. Hence, the birth of the term “soul-searching”.

I am not an adventurous person. But I love change. I grew up in a place where I can see the sea seemingly connecting its ends to the bed of clouds with the shadows of mountains parallel to their meeting point. I love how laid back my life here is. Life is simple and manageable.

The Final Frontier: How To Maximise The Space In Your Home

apartment, architecture, art
Picture Taken From Pexels

If there's one thing that most people would wish for more of in their home, what do you think it would be? There's a pretty good chance that you were able to answer that questions right away: space. The reason that you were probably able to answer that question (aside from the title!) is that it's probably something that you've considered yourself. Space is one of those things that none of us ever seem to have enough of. However, just because you don't feel as though you have enough space doesn't mean that you need to suddenly pack your bags and find somewhere bigger. In reality, it's not all that difficult to make the most of the space that you already have in a few simple ways.

What colour shirts do women prefer?

*Picture taken from Pexel

When choosing a shirt to impress, a few questions might cross a man’s mind: does it match with the trousers? Is the material of a good quality? Is it suitable for the dress code? Something that men should also be asking is – what does this colour say about me?

Research has shown that the colour of a man’s shirt can perceive them in a certain way if you’re looking to come across as powerful; choose red. If you want to show confidence, always opt for black. We have teamed up with Charles Tyrwhitt, experts in gentlemen’s fashion and retailers of men’s formal shirts, to investigate further and find out which colours women prefer on men.

How​ ​To​ ​Save​ ​Money​ ​When​ ​You​ ​Travel

Traveling can be costly depending on where you are going and how you are getting there. Much like trying to buy a vehicle. Used cars in chandler make this process a lot easier, just like my article will do for you when you are trying to budget while you are traveling. You have to take a bunch of different factors into consideration. The popularity of the place you are visiting, the currency, the amount of time it will take to travel there, and etc.…

6 Great Startup Business Ideas For Married Couples

Starting and maintaining a small business with your significant other can be a great move if your goal is to earn some extra cash. There are plenty of business ideas for young couples out there, but be aware that most of them fail due to sentimentality. If you two are eager to launch a startup, you’ll need to assess all your strengths and weaknesses to make the best possible decisions.

Running a small business will come with all its ups and downs, and it’s up to you how would they be handled. Do the thorough research, sit down and decide which path you should take. The text below will provide you with some lucrative business ideas, and hopefully, one of them will be a perfect match for you and your loved one.

The Ins and Outs of Becoming a Nurse — Is It the Career Path for You?

Nurses are the linchpin of healthcare. They provide day-to-day support and care for their patients. They act as liaisons that go between these patients and the physicians that are tending to them. And they step in for doctors when they need to. Basically, nurses are a true modern day hero — but they don’t always get the credit that they deserve. However, even though nurses don’t always get the credit that they deserve, it doesn’t mean the nursing career isn’t a fruitful one to get into to. And, if you want to get yourself onto this particular career path then you shouldn’t let a lack of given credit stop you!

But, before you do so make sure to check out the ins and outs of the nursing career below to find out if it truly is the career path for you.

What are meal kit deliveries and why should you try them?

Spending a few hours every weekend at the supermarket, shopping for ingredients and food for the rest of the week has been a common activity for decades. It wasn’t until the recent few years that people have become to get comfortable with online shopping, specifically online grocery shopping. There have been companies such as Instacart for example, where you can select items from a grocery/supermarket store that you typically shop at, online, and then someone will go, pick up those items for you and deliver them right to your door.

Amazon didn’t turn a blind eye to the idea that there is a growing trend of people doing their grocery shopping online. Between 2013-2014, Amazon began introducing “AmazonFresh” to major cities and has been aggressively growing their reach since then. Earlier this year, during the summer, Amazon made the announcement that they are purchasing WholeFoods for $13.7 billion dollars!  It’s been a few months since the purchase has been announced, but items that you would typically find in WholeFoods have begun to appear within AmazonFresh – and at a remarkable discount!

Spice up your wardrobe with Yoins

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine

Women's fashion is versatile and can change in just a short period of time. But let's admit that women love to buy clothes especially the latest fashion trends. We women keep on purchasing clothes because it can boost our confidence. Betsey Johnson once quoted that "Girls do not dress for boys. They dress for themselves and, of course, each other. If girls dressed for boys they’d just walk around naked at all times." Do you agree?

A history of jewellery

Image from Pexels

Jewellery is believed to have first come to prominence during prehistoric times. Today it is seen as a way to enhance our sense of style, but long ago it was worn as a way to project a sense of status or rank.

The jewelry worn in medieval Europe symbolized a status-conscious society. Royalty wore gold and precious gems, while lower ranks in society wore base metals such as copper. The size and color determined the value of the items until the late 14th century.

Renaissance jewelry reflected the age’s passion for splendor. It was thought that particular types of stone could protect against specific ailments or threats, including a toothache.

Secrets to Healthy Bones That Will Keep You Stronger for Longer

Bones play many different roles in our body. They help to keep our bodies up, they project vital organs in our bodies, and they help our muscles. It goes without saying that our bones are some of the most important parts of our body, but you’d be surprised at how many people neglect their bones and naturally let them weaken over time. Bone health is important because they’re continuously stressed and changing. During our younger years, old bone is replaced by new bone which is why we can quickly recover from injuries. However, once we enter the early stages of adulthood, we start to lose more bone mass than we produce it. This ultimately causes our bodies to weaken and, in some cases, we shrink as a result.

Early bone health is important because the better your bones are, the more slowly they will break down. If your bone health is terrible as you enter your adult years, then they’ll break down faster, and you will suffer your senior years with weakened bones. It’s a good idea to take your bone health seriously while you still can, and here are a couple of secrets that will help you do just that.

*Picture taken from Pexel

5 ways to introduce more flavour into your life

Image source:

If you’re trying to inject some excitement into your life, one option is to think about all of the different flavours that you could be enjoying. Treating your taste buds is a simple yet effective way to mix up your daily life. The most important thing is to be bold with your choices. Taking risks is a great way to uncover new and exciting experiences. If you’re ready to get creative, you’ll need to read on. Below are five ways to introduce more flavour into your life.