My Magical Ways Moms Can Eliminate Stress

I think we would all agree that being a mom or a dad can be incredibly stressful. Mostly, you’ll be juggling three different roles in life at once. You will be aiming to succeed at work and elevate your career. At the same time, you want to make sure that your kids grow up that the right way. You need to be there when they need you and make sure they feel loved. On top of that, you need to consider your own private life too. Don’t forget you’re not just a mom, or a wife, or a working gal, you’re a woman. You need to have some time to spend on yourself to be happy. So, I guess the question here is can moms really have it all? The answer, I think you’ll find, is yes. But, this will only work if you are ready to deal with stress and eliminate it from your life.

Stress comes in many shapes and forms I find. There are also lots of different causes. If your kid fails a class in school, you’re going to be stressed. Was it your fault? Could you have helped him out more with that homework? A stressful work day could cause stress. Was your boss fair when they gave you that assignment with such a short deadline? What if you can’t get it done in time? You can even get stressed about trying to relax? I must book that holiday, I need to make sure that I raise enough money to go to…

Reasons Why Do I Shop at Lazada

Lazada Philippines
There're so many reasons why someone prefers shopping online than go to the physical store to buy something she/he wants. I do a lot of online shopping since I earn extra money from my online gigs. I never had to ask my husband to give me money just to buy beauty products I want to have. But why do I love shopping online?  The reasons are as follows:
  • Shop anytime and anywhere: Christmas is nearly coming and many are now thinking of how they could buy gifts for their loved ones. I don't want to fight the crowds and line up in the mall just to shop my gift list. All I need is a laptop/computer or a smartphone plus a stable internet connection, and I could buy anywhere and any time of the day.
  • Shop "rare" items: I could find unique items and choose different colors and styles of the "limited edition" products online.
  • Save money: You can save money while shopping?? Yes of course! Shopping online is better because I could get fantastic deals ( low prices, free shipping, discount coupons, and rebates). 

Lazada Grand Christmas Sale Deals Part 1

December 7 - 12
Product SRP Campaign Price Discount
CHERRY MOBILE Flare S Play 16GB ₱4,999 ₱2,999 40%
SKK MOBILE Chronos Ace Plus 8GB ₱3,699 ₱2,379 36%
ACE 32" Slim LED TV ₱9,999 ₱5,499 45%
ITECHIE 40" Slim Wide Full HD TV ₱17,999 ₱9,999 44%
TELELOUD 19" Ultra Slim LED TV ₱4,999 ₱2,799 44%
SPARC Vibe 60watts Full Cinematic Soundbar ₱4,999 ₱1,799 64%
GOOGLE Chromecast Streaming Media Player ₱2,999 ₱2,099 30%
CREATIVE SBS-A120 Multimedia Speakers ₱1,599 ₱699 56%
STARMOBILE Engage Aura 14 Quad-Core Windows 10  ₱10,990 ₱7,999 27%
ACER Chromebook 11 11.6" Chrome OS ₱13,500 ₱7,999 41%
GOPRO Hero5 12MP 4K Ultra HD ₱22,999 ₱18,999 17%
SRICAM SP009 720P HD Indoor Security Camera ₱4,999 ₱999 80%
EZY ES-66F 1.7 Cu.ft. Refrigerator ₱5,995 ₱3,199 47%
NESCAFE Dolce Gusto Oblo Machine with Free Box of Capsules   ₱4,425 ₱2,499 44%

Dropprice $100 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway Ends 12/13

Dropprice $100 Amazon Gift Card

Didn't win from the previous giveaways? Don't fret because Dropprice is giving you another chance to win $100 Amazon Gift Card. Yes! you have another chance so make sure to join. GOOD LUCK!

Suffer From Adult Acne? Here Is What You Can Do To Help It

You’ve made it out of your teen years and are looking forward to life as an adult. But then plenty of us still suffer from acne. How is that even fair? You think you’d have left that behind as a teenager, but that isn’t always the case. Though it is annoying and awkward, many people suffer from adult acne. So if you are looking for ways to deal with it, you’re in the right place. Read on, and your skin will be looking better in no time.

acne-1606765_1280 (1).jpg

MomLovePassion Holiday & Thanksgiving Giveaway!

It's Thanksgiving time while Christmas and New Year is fast approaching. Have you already done shopping for gifts and food you'll be serving for family gatherings? What are the things you are most thankful for life?

As for me, I am very much thankful for all the blessings I have received this year. My husband will be having his vacation after being apart from us in two years working in the Middle East. We survived the tragedy that happened when my brother-in-law died in an accident a few months back. My daughter is doing good on her studies being one of the top students in her class. I have received lots of sponsored posts and free products for review. Aside from the prizes, I got from joining online promo/contest. With all the things I am thankful for, I would like to give back and share my blessing with my readers/followers. I have done this last year, and now I am hosting another giveaway. Thanks to my lovely sponsor everythingyoufind who's very generous to sponsor my previous giveaways and now for the 3rd time around will be giving away long champ (class A) for my lucky follower/reader

Everythingyoufind shop has lots of affordable and trendy bags you could buy. 
You can buy Beachkin for only 1,500 pesos complete set with a free random pair of Twilly and rodeo charm leather (plus shipping fee) (Long strap/lock/beachkin dust bag). Check out their Instagram account to find more products as well as customer feedbacks

And now, let's proceed to our giveaway...

Ronica Baby Memory Book & Sticker Set Bundle Giveaway! $595 TRV!!

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Welcome to a brand new giveaway where each winner will receive a Baby Memory Book and Baby Monthly Sticker Set! A total of 10 lucky winners will be chosen who will win prizes worth over 595$. JOIN NOW!

Lazada x Mamypoko Fly to Japan Promo

For mommies like us, our child's comfort is just one of the many considerations we have when it comes to buying essential things for them. We try to provide proper clothing, healthy food and even in diapers, and we only want the best. That's why Mamypoko provides the extra loving protection to our babies. It's the number one diaper in Japan now made available in the Philippines. 

And in partnership with Lazada Philippines, Mamypoko gives you the chance to experience Japan. Yes, you could win a trip for two (2) to Japan.

TRC Deluxe Coffee Tea and Cocoa Gift Box Giveaway Ends 12/11 4 Winners

TRC Deluxe Coffee Tea and Cocoa Gift Box Giveaway Ends 12/11

Welcome to the Two Rivers Coffee Deluxe Coffee Tea and Cocoa Gift Box Giveaway! Coffee lovers will sure rejoice on this lovely giveaway. You can enjoy it by yourself or share it with someone else. GOOD LUCK!

Meal Time Box Giveaway (Comfort Food Delivered To Your Door!) ~ 4 Winners! ($200 TRV) ~ Ends 12/23 @mealtimebox #SMGN


Welcome to the 2016 Epic Holiday Gift Guide Spectacular ~ Meal Time Box Giveaway (4 Winners $200 TRV)! 4 Lucky Winners Will Receive a $50 Gift Card To Order Comfort Food Meals From Meal Time Box for a Total Retail Value of $200! The food looks delish and healthy so you better join ok? GOOD LUCK!

The Samsung Galaxy S7 From Sprint Giveaway #TisTheSeason Ends 12/25

Samsung Galaxy S7

Welcome to the 2016 Epic Holiday Gift Guide The Samsung Galaxy S7 From Sprint Giveaway #TisTheSeason! One of the grandest and awesome prizes so far on our holiday giveaways. I know you won't resist this and everyone would love to win. So better make sure that your entries count. GOOD LUCK!

NeoCell $75 Credit Giveaway Ends 12/19


Welcome to the 2016 Epic Holiday Gift Guide NeoCell Credit Giveaway! Win yourself anti-aging products worth 75$. You could join for your wife, for mom or even for your GF.  GOOD LUCK!

Children's Music CD Just Like the Stars Giveaway 4 Winners Ends 12/25

This post contains affiliate links, and if clicked and a purchase made I may receive a small commission to help support this blog. Children's Music CD Just Like the Stars Giveaway

Welcome to the 2016 Epic Holiday Gift Guide Children's Music CD Just Like the Stars Giveaway! There will be four lucky winners for this giveaway. JOIN NOW! GOOD LUCK!

La Newborn Realistic Baby Doll Soft Basket Set Giveaway Ends 12/20

This post contains affiliate links and if clicked and a purchase made I may receive a small commission to help support this blog. La Newborn Realistic Baby Doll Soft Basket Set Giveaway

Win this cute La Newborn Realistic Baby Doll Soft Basket Set for your daughter or niece. You could also join even if you don't have your own daughter. It could be a perfect gift to a kid this Christmas. Take your chance! JOIN NOW! Good Luck.

Little Acre Sampler Gift Box Giveaway Ends 12/19

Little Acre Sampler Gift Box Giveaway

Welcome to the 2016 Epic Holiday Gift Guide Little Acre Sampler Gift Box Giveaway! The gift box contains Original Whole Seed Mustard (4.2 oz), Balsamic & Fig Whole Seed Mustard (4.2 oz), Sweet & Savory Onions (7 oz), Bourbon & Berry Cranberry Sauce ( 7.5 oz), and Three Pepper Ketchup (9 oz of your choice Original, Spicy, or More Spicy). Also, included in the box are two recipe cards and a gift card. So why don't you JOIN NOW!! 

[UPDATE: Winner Announced!] WSdear International Giveaway

The Kidtastically Awesome Giveaway! Ends 12/15

Welcome to Kidtastically Awesome Giveaway! 1 Lucky Winner Will Receive Over $363 worth of goodies!! Fantastic isn't it?  Toys, snacks and many more. So don't miss this opportunity. JOIN NOW! 

Dropprice Target $100 Gift Card Giveaway Ends 12/6

Dropprice Target $100 Gift Card

Welcome to the Dropprice Target $100 Gift Card! Make your Christmas even merrier. Join this awesome giveaway and who knows you might be our lucky winner of 100$ target gift card. GOOD LUCK!

Dropprice is an innovative startup that rewards moms for being social. Essentially, they empower moms to drop prices of kids & baby products with a click. The price continues dropping as more moms click “Drop the price”. Every week new promotions are launched and moms drop prices by sharing them on social media. See the chart below to understand the power moms have and how important it is to share with other moms. Dropprice Target $100 Gift Card In today’s promotion for the Baby Banana Brushes, it started out at $27.00 and for each mom that clicks, the price drops a bit. The price will continue to drop for each mom that participates. Dropprice Target $100 Gift Card You can choose to share on social media to get more moms to click “Drop the price”, or you can “Buy Now” at the current price. Keep in mind that when the price gets low, they usually sell out and you will no longer have the chance to buy that item. As an added bonus every item on Dropprice ships for free!   Do you want to give it a try? This is such a fun and exciting way for moms to save lots of money by collaborating with each other. If you would like to have a chance to win a $100 Target gift card, you can experience dropping the price by following the instructions below.  

Giveaway: Win a $100 Target Gift Card

All you have to do is help moms drop the price of the Brushes and you will be entered to win a $100 Target gift card. Just click “Drop the price” on the entry form below for a chance to win. For even more entries, share it on your social media networks via the entry form — every time one of your friends also clicks to drop the price, you’ll automatically receive additional giveaway entries!   This giveaway ends on 12/6/2016; you must be a US Resident and be 18 years or older to enter. Winners are randomly selected and contacted via email; the winners will be listed at the top of the entry form when the giveaway ends.   Click here if you don’t see the entry form below.    


Simply Fit Giveaway Ends 12/9

This post contains affiliate links if clicked on I may receive a small commission to support this blog. Simply Fit Giveaway Ends 12/9

Welcome to the 2016 Epic Holiday Gift Guide Simply Fit Giveaway! Win 1 simply fit board in color of your choice. Be fit. Be healthy. Workout with a twist. Join now!

Eastern Jungle Gym Swing Set Accessory Bundle Giveaway! $79 RV!

Build your own backyard playground for your kids. Join this awesome giveaway and win swing set accessory bundle worth 79$. Make your entries count. GOOD LUCK!

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HUGE Nature's Bakery Giveaway! $532 RV!

Welcome to Nature's Bakery Giveaway! There will be  4 lucky winners who will each receive a $133 prize pack!! A total giveaway value of $532! Isn't it awesome? You can share them with your friends or family members. JOIN NOW!

Dibz: Solution to the Hassles out of Parking and Traffic

Image source
How do you go to work every day? Do you use your car or ride in public transportation? If you are living in the Metro, you'll probably experience the hassle of traffic every day. You must be one of the many people who hates traffic right? I feel you. Bad traffic jam is a typical site in the cities particularly in places where the shopping malls exist. 

Each year, we experience billions of losses to our economy due to traffic congestions, especially in Metro Manila. And the losses could have been used to build infrastructures like hospitals, school buildings perhaps we could have bought different types of equipment for the betterment of the Filipino lives. But why do we have traffic in the first place? What could be the causes of this situation in which our streets are completely congested? 

As the population increases, there will be more commuters and cars in the streets. Excessive numbers of vehicles are the primary factors that cause traffic congestions. Typical public transportation used by passengers are buses and jeepneys who occupies more road spaces that worsen the traffic. Some car owners take their cars even in just a short distance of travel just to show they have one. So what can you expect from these? Traffic jams can affect the productivity of an employee who commutes because they tend to arrive late at work that and gives them stress. You'll end up losing your personal time because of the long-time travel on the road. 

Coming To Terms With Major Life Changes

It’s never easy coping with change. But the changes that completely change your life are the ones that are the hardest to come to terms with. Accidents and ill health can be devastating physically and emotionally. How you manage your life after these changes could make a significant difference to how well you cope.

Living with a disability, even a temporary one, can take a lot of adjustment. You will probably need a lot of support and help at first. After years of independence, this might be the one change that knocks you the most. Some of us struggle to ask for help. Don’t let your pride get in the way. Loved ones and friends will be desperate to do something to make life easier for you. It will be beneficial to all of you to accept.

There may be a lot of physical discomfort and pain to deal with. There are many ways to help you cope with pain. You can borrow or buy a TENS machine, visit a special therapist, or take medication. Many people that live with chronic pain tend to need a few different approaches in combination to make it tolerable. The choices you make may have other repercussions, so it’s worth researching your options.

While your body may have gone through some tough changes, don’t neglect your mental or emotional health. You’re allowed to feel angry and sad about such enormous changes in life. You may feel like you need to do something about it to help you get to grips with what has occurred. This is natural. Sometimes it’s worth speaking to a disability attorney who can help you with your next course of action.

Kansas City Steaks Giveaway ~ 4 (6 oz.) Super Trimmed Filet Mignon’s ($75 RV) @KCSteaks


Steaks anyone? Would you like to taste the mouth-watering dish you can see on the pic above? Deliciously Savvy is Hosting a Giveaway In Which 1 Lucky Winner Will Receive 4 (6 oz.) Super-Trimmed Filet Mignon’s ($75 RV) from Kansas City Steaks! This giveaway sure is exciting and making me hungry.  Enter Today & Good Luck!

Honeybuns Baby Bundle Giveaway (Ends 12/03)

Welcome to the Honeybuns Baby Bundle Giveaway!!  1 winner will win a gift bundle consist of Diaper Rash Cream, Organic Baby Wash, and Talc Free Baby Powder.  Even if you don't have your own kids you are free to join here. GOOD LUCK TO ALL!

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Era Organics
~1 Winner~
Open to US
11/23 to 12/07  

Introducing the Active Life Chicago Physical Therapy Clinic in The Philippines

The Philippines has always been lagging in a lot of things. Fashion, infrastructure, and medicinal breakthrough. It is the main reason why a lot of rich people go abroad to have their pains and illness taken cared of. We don’t have the latest technology nor do we have an advanced know-how on what works and what doesn’t.

Dr. Ronald Samaniego realized this predicament and decided after over a decade of gaining experience and knowledge in Seattle that the Philippines is where he wants to practice what he has mastered when it comes to physical therapy. He is a doctor of physical therapy who has over ten years of experience. He also went through one of the most painful things that can happen to your muscle which is an ACL and so he knows what it is like to be on the other side of the fence.
Dr. Ronald Samaniego
This is why Active Life Chicago PT was put up. Dr. Ronald Samaniego believes that even when you are going through physical therapy, one can maintain an active lifestyle. He encourages movement and not just letting your muscles rot. He also believes that with the right program, almost anyone can recover from pain and bring back muscles that may have atrophied.

Colgate-Palmolive Philippines celebrates 90 years of keeping Filipinos smiling #LazadaForAll #LazadaXColPal

Colgate-Palmolive Philippines celebrates 90 years of operations in the country, providing generations of Filipinos with quality brands for oral care, personal care and home care such as Colgate, Palmolive, Tender Care, Gard, Axion, and Ajax.

The Palmolive Company Philippines was established in 1926 with an office in the Binondo district of Manila with just five employees. Products sold during those days included Pompeia cosmetics, Octagon laundry powder, and Crystal White Laundry bar.

It merged with Peet Brothers the following year and with Colgate Company in 1928. Popular products such as Colgate Ribbon Dental cream and Cashmere Bouquet toiletries were added to the product range along with Palmolive soaps, pushing accelerated growth for the next few years. Products at that time were delivered to stores by carabao or horse-drawn carts.

In 1941, during World War II, invading soldiers sealed the office and looted the warehouse. Loyal employees were instructed by their imprisoned manager to preserve company records. Two employees managed to enter the office but couldn't escape with the ledgers.

They ended up manually copying all entries, word for word, for over a week. With records intact, the company was able to collect all receivables from insurance after the war and resume business.

Soon after, Ajax powder cleanser was introduced to the market and, in 1949. The company was incorporated as Colgate-Palmolive Philippines, Inc.

While the company may have begun by importing products from the US, growing demand for its brands prompted it to inaugurate a manufacturing plant in Makati in 1951 and to establish a provincial warehouse in Cebu in 1959.

Put Me In The Story Giveaway Ends 12/19

Put Me In The Story Giveaway

Welcome to the 2016 Epic Holiday Gift Guide Put Me In The Story Giveaway! Win Frozen Fever book or Paw Patrol: My Pup Adventure book for your kiddo. GOOD LUCK!

The Baby Sleep Site Consultation Package Giveaway Ends 12/19

The Baby Sleep Site Consultation Package Giveaway

Having a hard time to make your baby sleep well at night? Check out the 2016 Epic Holiday Gift Guide The Baby Sleep Site Consultation Package Giveaway! You could win 179$ worth of Deluxe Baby Sleep Consultation Package with Personalized Sleep Plan for your little one. How to win? Refer to the details below:

MocaHeart Giveaway Ends 12/12

This post contains affiliate links and if clicked and a purchase made I may receive a small commission to help support this blog. MocaHeart Giveaway Ends 12/12

Welcome to the 2016 Epic Holiday Gift Guide MocaHeart Giveaway! Win yourself a personal heart health tracker. With its size, you can bring it anywhere you are. JOIN NOW!

Let it Shine Gift Set Giveaway 4 Winners Ends 12/25

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Let it Shine Gift Set Giveaway

Welcome to the 2016 Epic Holiday Gift Guide Let it Shine Gift Set Giveaway! What's in the gift set? Children's Music CD GIFT Set Let it Shine with 2 Colorful Egg Shakers, Fun Music for Little Ones - What are you waiting for? JOIN NOW!

timi & leslie Rachel 7-Piece Diaper Bag Set Giveaway Ends 12/13


Welcome to the 2016 Epic Holiday Gift Guide timi & leslie Rachel Giveaway! Win 7-Piece Diaper Bag Set worth 149.99$! Isn't it awesome? So moms and dads don't miss your opportunity. JOIN NOW!

Huge Children's Book Giveaway 8 winners Ends 12/14

This post contains affiliate links if clicked on I may receive a small commission to support this blog. Huge Children's Book Giveaway 8 winners

Welcome to the 2016 Epic Holiday Gift Guide Huge Children's Book  Giveaway! There will be 8 winners who will each win books mentioned below. JOIN NOW!

Let the Little Children Come Animated Tract Giveaway Ends 12/13

Let the Little Children Come Animated Tract Giveaway

Welcome to the 2016 Epic Holiday Gift Guide Spectacular Let the Little Children Come Giveaway! Teach your kids good values and know the meaning of Christmas. Let them read books that could inspire them. Join this meaningful giveaway to win prizes for your little ones. 

You can be 1 of 4 winners!
This contest is hosted by the Social Media Gurus Network!

Enter for a chance to win the System Mechanic PC Performance Package Giveaway! OPEN WORLDWIDE (3 winners)

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About the prize

Everyone with a computer could use this prize. It costs a lot to take your computer in for a Tune Up. System Mechanic is an award-winning performance optimization suite that incorporates multiple patented and patent-pending innovations designed to fix, speed up and maintain computers so they run like new. Now keep in mind there will be three winners of System Mechanic 16.5, a $49.95 RRP each. This will be one license each for one year and it will work on multiple computers per iolo’s Whole Home License. Here is what it does:

Organic Skincare Giveaway with InLight! 1 Winner (Winners Choice Of 3 Different Kits!) Ends 12/04 @Hug_Your_Skin


What kind of skin regimen do you use? Do you prefer organic skin care products? Deliciously Savvy Is Hosting a Giveaway In Which 1 Lucky Winner Will Get To Choose From 3 InLight Organic Skincare Sets (details listed below)! Retail Value Up To $39! Enter Today & Good Luck!

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 How many times in a month do you visit a spa to pamper yourself or perhaps should I ask, do you ever go to a spa? Well, some of us can afford but some cannot. Thankfully, you can win products from Era Organics in which you can enjoy pampering yourself at the comfort of your home. Check the details below:

Sleep Wellness Bundle from Brentwood Home Giveaway

Soft and comfortable pillows help us to have a good night sleep. I surely know that you will love our prize for this giveaway. Welcome to the Brentwood Home Sleep Wellness Bundle Giveaway!!  One lucky winner will win worth 230$ of prizes. JOIN NOW!