I Stopped Taking my Fertility for Granted

If you’ve been around Beauty and the Binky long enough, you may already know that Binky came along as a sweet sweet surprise. A surprise so great that we’ve decided we only need one, despite a scare once. I often say that it was destiny for my life to fall into place the way it did, but, little did I know, I took my fertility for granted in so many ways.
It wasn’t until I read stories from The Farnsworth family (the founders of Aspire Fertility which just opened in Houston) and Caroline (from In Due Time) that I stopped taking my fertility for granted. I immediately swirled thoughts around of my reactions to my own fertility (like getting pregnant unexpectedly and the aches/pains/emotional roller coasters of pregnancy) and allowed myself to imagine what their reactions were/would be in those instances.

Positive pregnancy test in hand, Davis and I sat on the edge of his bed and literally thought out loud, “What are we going to do?” Davis was finishing college and I was waiting tables while still looking for a career 6 months after graduating. Imagine the ecstatic joy that positive pregnancy test would have brought to the families aching to see any hope of conceiving. There we were, halfway to misery city, oblivious to the blessing we were given without ever having to ask. Aspire Fertility has opened in Houston to help bring families that ecstatic joy that comes with a positive pregnancy test. 

At our first doctor visit, we met our bubbly, gnome-like doctor. He was pink and round and just full of excitement! He worked mostly with young mothers from the local high school, so he joked that I was his oldest patient. He whooped and hollered when he saw my ring and I can’t even describe what he did when he found out that I was college educated. …and, you know what, I was thankful to be one of his oldest patients. I was thankful that this didn’t happen sooner, that I was finished with college, that at least I was with my soulmate. I actually asked Caroline to describe how she would feel if her doctor ranted about her being one of their oldest patients. We threw around a couple adjectives and finally settled on embarrassed. Imagine the embarrassment that would overcome a family who has struggled with infertility hearing that they are one of the oldest patients. Imagine their embarrassment that thisdidn’t happens sooner. Aspire Fertility strives to avoid that embarrassment, along with any other stress factors that come along with fertility treatments. (Read more about their process.)

When I imagined how The Farnsworth family and Caroline would feel in comparison to my own reactions, I stopped taking my fertility for grantedAspire Fertility doesn’t take fertility for granted either, focusing on compassion and improving the emotional experience of fertility treatments. Understanding the emotions inherent in infertility challenges, Aspire Fertility offers a number of key promises to patients up front at the start of their treatment process, including establishing and maintaining an ongoing relationship with OB/GYNs, transparent pricing with no out-of-network fees or hidden costs, use of only the most advanced technologies to increase the odds of a successful pregnancy, streamlined communications between patients and clinicians, and advanced digital technologies to help patients directly control the fertility journey.

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