Get up to $200 in Custom Apparel for FREE with CustomInk at Pear

Back to School Sponsorships at PearGet up to $1000 from US Cellular
Get up to $1000 for Custom Youth Soccer Apparel from Ritz Bits

Its a website that makes sponsorship from major brands and small businesses. It was established year 2009. Do you have to pay anything? NO!! Absolutely FREE and NO CONTRACT needed. You just have to complete task to be able to raise money for your sponsorship. 

Get Sponsored with Pear

Ways to earn funds:
  • Sign up at
  • Rally your friends to complete task
  • Email signup
  • watch a short video
  • Like on Facebook
  • Like Pear on FB
  • Visit Sponsors website
  • Refer a friend
You can redeem the money you towards custom apparel, gift cards from a national brand or local business, catering for an event or even for a charity donation. 

Looking to get Custom Apparel? CustomInk is offering up to $200 in sponsorship money for custom apparel at Pear

Who is CustomInk?
CustomInk  is an innovative website that was founded year 2000 in Northern Virginia that lets people design and order custom products like printed shirts (polo, sweatshirt, t-shirt, outwear, athletic shirts etc), embroidered caps, uniforms, customize drink ware & koozies and other products. The company makes custom t-shirts to power fundraisers for their causes, passions, and projects. Shipping is FREE, guaranteed delivery date and All-Inclusive Pricing.

Are you a K-12 group looking for a sponsorship? US Cellular is giving up to $1000 in sponsorship donations in specific markets at Pear.

Who is US Cellular?
US Cellular is a Chicago-based wireless carrier that provides high quality national network coverage and industry-leading innovations. Their sponsorship is only available to K-12 groups and adults in support of a K-12 group but adult only, college, religious or political groups are exempted.

**You could also find other sponsorship for Youth Soccer Teams, Back to School Programs, Fund Raising campaigns etc. SIGN UP NOW  at Pearup TO FIND THE PERFECT SPONSOR FOR YOU! 

*This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you go through my link

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